The Sunday Currently V30

The Sunday Currently V30

Hello September!!!

Should I start sining “Wake Me Up When September Ends”? or should I start singing Christmas Carols? Can’t blame me though, Im a Filipino, and back home when September comes, we started singing Christmas carols, yes we are that excited. 😉

It was a holiday when 1st September came, and the weather was so nice that you wanted to do your laundry and hang it outside. Im not kidding! The weather on that day was really nice, that in the afternoon we decided to go out and hang out with mr sun. And if you’re still not convince how lovely that day was, I have photos to prove it. tehehehe… check it below.

Fernvale Neighbourhood

Off to Sengkang River Side Walk


Oh, hi Mr Sun!
To Pungol Waterway

Nice, right? Told you so. 😉 Anyways, today is sunday so here I am again updating what’s new and what’s not on my sunday currently.


Something new!!! Hahahaha… finally after a couple of months, I’m back to reading, and hopefully I’ll be able to finish this in a week. Im reading “The Substitute” by Denise Grover Swank. This is my first book of her, and I’m loving it so far.

My 30th entry.

Nothing in particular. But I can hear random show from youtube.

On what to wear later. I’ll be visiting a friends place later this lunch, so yeah I’m thinking of what to wear.

Food. Housemates is cooking, and judging from the smell, I know its yummy.

That this week will be a smooth sailing week.

Extra comfortable clothes. 🙂

That today I’ll be seeing some friends who I haven’t seen in over a year.

To catch up with “Age of Youth 2”, I know kdrama again. Sorry.

To finish the first 2 episodes of “Age of Youth” hahahaha

hungry. excited. sleepy.

Trackpad. My phone.

Note: all the photos are taken by my huawei mate 9. 🙂

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