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First week so far…

And just like that, the first week of 2023 has gone by so quick. Sharing with you the food I enjoyed during the first week of this year.

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Am I getting old?

This post will be written mostly in my native tongue Cebuano and a bit of English and Tagalog.

Dugay na… taud-taud na… yes! Pila na ka buwan nga wala ko maka balik diri, pila na ka buwan nga wala ko mag open-open ani. Pila na ka buwan nga gi neglect nako ni. Pila nasad ka times ni ana ko nga dili ni nako biyaan. Pila na ka times nga ni ana ko mag huna-huna ko ug ma ayo para naa koy’ ma content. Pero unsa? Wala… wala… wala gihapon nako ma fulfill akong mga promises.

There are times mag wonder ko, ngano nga wala pa man ni nako gi deactivate nga account? Unsa may’ purpose nako ani? Para lang ba ma ingon nga naa koy’ wordpress account? Nag suwat-suwat kunohay ko? Looking back, the very reason why I started this journey was… I wanted to document some of my experience, the food, the travels, the random photos I took while walking going back home, the random thoughts I have while having my tea-c kusong. But most of the time, those thoughts are flushed in the drain. I can’t say I don’t have time to sit down to write and edit. I have all the time. Even the time that I was still working, I have time. How much more now that I am currently (and enjoying) jobless.

Today, while writing this, daghan ka ayo ug topic nga nag dagan-dagan sa akong mind. Pero ang ni tatak jud ug ma ayo kay’ “am i getting old”?

Random FB and IG posts: Lately, I always get annoyed with my niece and nephew’s posts in facebook and instagram. Kanang pa cool-kid ka ayo nga mga posts! Maka irita! One time I even message them and told them that what they are posting are not cool. Gi reply-an raman noon ko ug “hahaha”. Ni samot akong ka irita oi! Is this a sign nga im getting old?

Photos: Lately, naka bantay ko nga wala na ka ayo ko mag sige ug take ug photos. Last July I went back home for a month. Surprisingly, wala ka ayo koy’ mga pictures! If this happened 2 or 3 years back, akong gallery mo boto siguro sa ka daghan ug photos stored. Naka feel ko, hasulan na ka ayo ko mo take ug photos. Is this a sign nga im getting old?

Shows/ Songs: Lately, naka bantay ko pili-an na ka ayo ko ug mga shows. Dili na same sa una nga kung unsa ang latest ug trending to-a ni apil sad ko ug tan aw. Basta trending mo apil ko ug tan aw, bisan sa first 10 minutes pa lang na bored na ko, ipa dayun gi hapon na nako ug tan aw. Pero karun? Bisan pa ug dili na trending basta sa first 10 minutes sa show na bored na ko, ako ng gi drop ang show, ma trending man or dli. Drop! When in comes to songs, even before pa I always prefer to listen to 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000 songs. Pero naa sad noon time nga maminaw ko sa mga latest songs. Sa una ok raman ko sa mga new songs bisan pa ug wala ko maka sabot sa lyrics. Pero karun, mo matter na nako ang lyrics sa song. :p Tiguwang na jud siguro ko!

Wew! That was good! Pinaka random na gyud ni nako nga na sulat. Hinoon dugay na ka ayo ni sa akong mind pero dili lang gyud nako ma dayun ug sulat. Gusto man nakong huna-huna on nga bata pako, pero my mind is screaming im getting old! Hinoon dugay raman na nakong gi dawat, I’m old. Pero lahi ra gyud diay oi kung reality bites na!

Anyaways… till my next post. Hopefully ma sundan dayun ni, sayang akong gi bayad sa subscription fee oi kung dili ni nako gamiton ug ma ayo.

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Random Photos: May 2022

I have so many memories when it comes to the month of May. When I was in elementary to high school, I always look forward for May. May is not only summer and school holidays for me. May means unlimited swimming, friends reunion, Flores de Mayo and visiting my other family from my Papa’s side.

When I compare myself now to my younger self, I felt that when I was younger I had so much emotions when May comes. Now that I am older, I felt that I don’t have that much emotions from before. Maybe because I no longer do the things that I used to do when I was younger?

β€œSummer has always been my favorite season. I feel happier.” β€” Zooey Deschanel

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The Sunday Currently V45

Choa Chua Kang Park

I can’t believe its already the 3rd week of May. Time really fly so fast, the last time I remember I was still marching my way towards May!


61 Hours by Lee Child. I started reading this last month but for some reason I’m still not half way through it. But I promised myself I’ll finish this book.


My grocery list for this week, gotta do it tomorrow. And oh, of course my 45th entry for this sunday currently struggling segment.


Listening to this playlist in Spotify right now, and After the Love Has Gone by Earth, Wind & Fire is currently playing. I’m not broken hearted or something, but I have this habit of listening to sad love songs most of the time. I shared this with my sis-inlaw and she told me she do the same, I thought I was the only one with this weird habit.


Coffee. πŸ™‚ I’m thinking of getting myself a cup of coffee. When May started I made a promise that I will limit my coffee intake. For the first week I did not take any and on the second week I only had 2 cups. For this week, I’ll try to do the same 2 cups only. hehehehe… let’s see.


Toast. Our housemates are preparing for their brunch, and they are having toast bread. The entire house is currently smelling burnt bread and butter, but in a nice way.


For a good weather. For the past few days Singapore weather is crazy, in the morning it is very sunny and early in the afternoon rain will start pouring, not just an ordinary rain but heavy rain with thunderstorm.


The comfiest shorts and t-shirt that I currently owned.


That I’m able to complete my chores as early as 11 am today.


To finish this… what I am currently writing/ doing. It’s been a while since I posted something .:)


To get myself another pair of white sneakers.




Trackpad and my phone.