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Photo Dump: Taiwan Trip (Day 1-2)

Our trip to Taiwan happened almost a year now, yet my photos are still stuck in my gallery, screaming at me when am I going to post them. I keep on telling myself I’ll sit down one day and sort out my photos, but it didn’t happened, until today.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember everything what we did in Taiwan, so this will be a photo dump with limited informations to nothing.

Day 1: When we arrived in Taoyuan Airport the weather was a bit gloomy, as I remember. We took the subway going to our AirBnB in Da’an District. After we settled in, we decided to head out right away not to waste time. First stop was to have our late lunch and went straight to see Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall and Taipie101. When we arrived in our destination it was already raining, good thing I have an umbrella with me so I was okay to walk around. What I did not expect was the breeze of the wind, it was cold! For a person like me who grew up in a tropical country, this kind of weather is not in my vocabulary! hahaha… but nevertheless, it was worth it.

Day 2: We book a guided group tour going Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen and Shifen.

We were so amazed at Yehliu Geopark, the rock formations we all amazing. Juifen on the other hand was so crowded, I don’t have much photos while we were there, again coz It was so crowded… spell weekend! But the food was amazing, I had a great time. But the highlight for this day was at Shifen, I was able to tick one item from my bucket list which is to release a sky lantern, it finally happened!

When were finally back to Taipie we decided to go straight to their night market, Shilin Market. I wanted to experience Taiwan’s night market, and boi! I was not disappointed, the array of street food is massive! The foodie in me was so happy. Too bad we don’t have photos while we were in the market, our phone and camera batteries died at the same time.

Day 3 and 4 photos to follow… I have yet to finish sorting them out… tehehehehe…

I Visited Singapore!

I went back to Singapore shorter than expected! Yes people, I was Singapore last week, I was there for a good 3 days. Short but sweet. Short but fruitful. Short but worth it.

Before flying to Singapore, the husband and I went and explore Taiwan, which I will be blogging posting real soon.

The reason why I was in Singapore is that, the husband got a new job and I have to help him look for a new place and settle down, which happens quiet fast, thankfully!

Aside from looking for a place to stay and meet with my officemates for lunch, the only thing I did was eat… eat.. eat.., okay I also did laundry (in the hostel) and sleep. But most of the time I was eating! You can’t blame me though, I miss Singapore food! Before flying back to SG I already knew what will be my first meal, which didn’t happened coz the shop was still closed when went for it, but luckily I had it on my second meal. Im sharing with you the food I had while I was in the Lion City, enjoy, while I’ll be in the corner staring at our wall while thinking of having laksa for lunch. πŸ™‚

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s not even half of the food I wanna eat again, but these are my favourite ones, so I have to have them first. Once Im back I’ll indulge myself once again with my favourite Singaporean food. πŸ˜€


Photo Diary: Trekking and Elephant Care

Finally Im posting the highlight of our Thailand trip, trekking and mahout program!

On our 2nd day in Chiang Mai we signed up for a Trekking and Mahout Program, which means I have the chance ti interact with the gentle giant elephants!!!

I’ve mentioned in my Ayutthaya post that we met a fellow Kababayan travellers, one of them convinced me to try this elephant thingy in Chiang Mai. This idea stuck in my head, but I was not really keen in trying it. But when we reached Chiang Mai, and saw the brochures it suddenly hit me that I want to met the elephants. Thank you Ejay for giving me this idea.

Again our lovely host helped us in booking the program, since I don’t want to ride on the elephants we choose the program which only allows you to interact, feed and take a bath with the elephants. The program also includes 1 hour trekking, trek to a cave, visit a non-touristic waterfall (you will be given 30 mins to swim), LUNCH πŸ˜‰ and then interact with the elephants.

The place which we went to has only 3 elephants, Mama Phant, Papa Phant and the star of the family Baby Phant, his name is Bubu and he is a 3 years old elephant. Since they only have 3 elephants in the sanctuary they don’t have much guests which is very okay for me, at least the elephant wouldn’t be stress out. πŸ™‚

I have so much to talk about this experience, but the words doesn’t come out from my head, so instead of pulling my hair and try to write, ill just share a looootttt of photos. πŸ™‚

Mae Wang





Mae Wang Waterfall

Mama Phant and Papa Phant

Meeting Bubu for the first time.

We instantly hit it off.

His way of thanking me after I gave him so much food. πŸ˜‰

Can you give me the last piece of banana, please?

My favourite photo of this entire trip! πŸ˜€

Papa Phant
Papa Phant is around 42 years old.

Mama Phant
Mama Phant is 35 years old.

Mama Phant
Giving Mama Phant a hug.

Mama Phant

Its time to take a bath.


Bubu wants belly rub!

Mama Phant

After having so much fun in the water, he is asking for food again. πŸ™‚

Mama and Papa Phant
After we played with them in the water we feed them again.

Meeting Bubu and his parents is surely the highlight of this trip. Almost every day I checked my phone and look at the photos I took with them. Bubu has given so much happiness on that day that I was there, If ever I’ll be given the chance to go back to Chiang Mai, I will surely visit him again.

For those who wants to meet Bubu and his family and the other rescued elephants, please visit

Photo Diary: Flying Squirrels

Hello friends! πŸ™‚

Today I’ll be sharing our first day in Chiang Mai. You see, when I booked this Chiang Mai trip, I didn’t plan anything, same with Bangkok, well at least in BKK I had something in mind to do, but in Chiang Mai, we are totally clueless. Not totally though as I knew before hand that Chiang Mai is a place for adventures, thats it. πŸ™‚

When we arrived in the hostel, our very friendly host asked if we have anything in mind for the day? I told her that I wanna try this adventure something, and when I mentioned the company name, she smile and said, its very good however its very expensive. (which i already heard when i checked it) She showed us a lot of brochures for possible adventures we wanted to try. Since I’m a baby sucker of adventures, I choose the ziplines. Good thing the husband is okay with it. So the next thing to do is which company to choose. Our host help us to decide, and so we choose Flying Squirrels. She also helped us booked for it, and she even got us a discount, THNAK YOU!

Since it was still early our host was able to get us a schedule for 11am, yay! Someone from the company will pick us up at the hostel and drive us to our adventure. While waiting for 11 am, we quickly get ready and left our bags at the reception (our room is not yet ready). We stroll around the area and get some quick bite.

The drive going to the place was approximately an hour drive from the city, yes that far. But no worries, you will definitely enjoy the view going up.

When we arrived at the place, the staff welcomes us with a beautiful smile and take us to our assigned table. They gave us the necessary papers we have to sign (waver) and they also gave us a t-shirt (its like a uniform hehehe). While waiting for our turn, we roamed around for a few minutes and I was so amazed with how beautiful the area is.

Β DSCF4246

Finally its time for us to put on our gears!


Incase you are wondering what is that green thing below are helmets, it’s a hairnet, for hygiene purposes. πŸ˜‰

After we put on our gears, we were divided into different group and in each group their are 6 members with 2 guides. And we have to get into a pick up truck, we drove for another 20-30 minutes approximately. And finally, we are at our destination.


Our guides conduct a safety guidelines for us to follow. Safety first, so you have to be very attentive. πŸ˜‰


Me, being very excited volunteered to zip first. πŸ˜‰ Say hi to our guide, Mr Bank!

To be honest this is my first time to do zip lining, and I’ll be doing 17 zips!!!

The only thing I regretted during this adventure was we didn’t get a go-pro. So our photos are limited as we were only using a point and shot, and you don’t want to drop your camera while doing ziplines, right?

The youngest member of group. He is so cute and brave.

Next group climbing to the next station.

I think this was the 300 meters zip, say hi to our our head guide Mr. Tiger.

Next stop will be bicycle on top!

After the bicycle on top, we still did a couple of zip lining.

Though we have limited photos during for this adventure, nevertheless I had so much fun. Our guides made sure that we are safe, every time we finished a zip they made sure to check our harness. During the first 3 zips I was screaming my heart out, I was so scared, but on the fourth our guide told me to just enjoy the view and not to be scared. I followed his advice, I calmed down and enjoyed the rides.

Flying Squirrels has 32 Station.

  • 17 Ziplines (heights were 600m, 400m, 350m and 300m) During the 600m zip I was screaming again, this time I screamed because I was so happy I got to do this activity in Chiang Mai. πŸ™‚
  • 1 Abseil
  • 6 Walking steps
  • 2 Climbing Nets (challenge and spider)
  • 2 Sky Bridges
  • 1 Tarzan Jump: I enjoyed this tarzan jump so much
  • 1 Skateboard
  • 2 Activity Signatures
    • Bicycle on Top Slider: I was closing my eyes when we did this activity, I was so afraid though E was with me when we did it, but I was so afraid to open my eyes. Imagine, cycling on a rope on top of the trees!!!
    • 5meters long: ahhh this one, I super enjoyed, my 5 years old self was so happy doing the slides. Its not the normal slide you do in the park, this one is special. Wanna know what makes it special? Try the adventure for yourself. πŸ™‚

To our guides, Mr Tiger and Mr Bank, thank you for making our adventure a memorable one. Thank you for making sure that we are safe, always. Take care of yourselves so you could guide more adventurers like me. And to Mr Tiger, have a good time with your daughter when she comes and visit you in Chiang Mai from Myanmar.

And after 3 hours plus of adventure, we went back to the office and we were treated by a buffet! πŸ™‚

Thank you Flying Squirrels, I had so much fun!

Photo Diary: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

On our third and last day in BKK, we planned to explore the Floating Market.Β Since we are leaving for Chiang Mai in the evening, we decided to checked out early and leave our bags in the hostel while we explore the floating market.

From the hostel lobby, they had few items posted, one of them is the list of the floating markets. We decided to visit the nearest one which is Klong Lad-Mayom Floating Market. Its about 30 mins by taxi from the hostel. Before we left the hostel I told E to take a photo of the names so we could show it to the taxi driver and for our reference too.

The drive was not too long since it was early so the traffic was still okay. When we reached the place we noticed that it was too empty. The only creature that greeted us was a wild bore. I was wondering why? Could it be because we were too early for the opening? Even if we were too early for the opening, at least we should be seeing the vendors getting ready, right? Hmmm… Something is really wrong, did the driver dropped us in the wrong place?

While we were figuring out why, I noticed a small note. OMG! The market is CLOSED ON WEEKDAYS! And we were there on a freaking FRIDAY morning! I was so frustrated at myself why I didn’t checked it while we were still in the hostel. E told me to calm down while he figures out what to do next. Ok, fine, calm down self. E told me we will just go the next market. How? I asked him? He told me to check the photo he took earlier, it has the direction. Yay, great! We took the first taxi we saw and told the driver to bring us to Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal and from there we’ll take a bus going to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

When we reached the terminal the next question was, what bus number should we take? The miss-know-it-all in me was not functioning at that time. Good thing a lady approached us and asked if were going to the market. Yes! She guided us to get our bus tickets and told us the bus number and what time it leaves.

After 30 minutes on the road, I noticed the traffic was very slow. We were moving really really slow, it was like that for the next 30 minutes, oh my, a road accident. 😦 And this time I got already worried, coz I know the market will take an hour by bus and as what I’ve read it will close by 12 noon. I tried to sleep but sleep at that time was really elusive.

When we reached the place it was already 11:30, and If the article I’ve read is true, then we only have 30 minutes left to explore the area. We didn’t waste any minute, we immediately bought our boat tickets and off we go the floating market.





To be honest, we don’t have much photos while we were here. E was busy taking video and my eyes were also busy with the different items they sell in here.





I bought a Pad Thai from her, and oh it was really delicious!

You can find almost everythingΒ souvenir related items here, you just have to be ready though, the items are really expensive!

While we were on the boat exploring the area, we can’t help but get amazed by how the locals do their business. Floating market was heavily used by the locals before, until it became a tourist attraction. I don’t think locals still come here to purchase their needs, maybe they just come here to sell something.

While my eyes were feasting on the colourful items my mouth was also watering seeing the different food they were selling. From local delicacies to fruits to fresh coconut water to mango sticky to PAD THAI! We can’t help but asked the boat man to stop for a few minutes while E buys fruits and I get the mango sticky rice. We can’t help but gasp, the food we were eating were all fresh! The next thing I knew, I was already eating a huge serving of Pad Thai. πŸ™‚

After an hour of touring the market we decided to go back to the dock, its time for us to leave. We don’t want to be stuck in the traffic as we have a train to catch going Chiang Mai.

To those planning to visit Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, I suggest you take a minivan, it will save you so much time, though its a bit expensive compared to a bus. But if you have so much time to spare, then please take a bus. You can go toΒ Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal, take the bus #78. It will drop you in front of the floating market itself.

Did I enjoy? Absolutely YES. Though we faced some mishaps at first, but visiting this place is so worth it. Did I get something aside from food? Yes, even if its expensive, I can’t leave the place without buying something. πŸ™‚

See you on my next post…