The Sunday Currently V21

The Sunday Currently V21

Take time to appreciate the little things in life. Take time to walk and run in the park. Take time to smile to a stranger. Take time to sit down, close your eyes, face the sun, be with nature.

Be happy. Enjoy the little things in life. Appreciate more.

Haven’t started a new one yet. I just finished 3 books from Nichole Chase, The Royal Series. I started reading it last Friday and ended it yesterday, so I decided not to start a new one, maybe the next few days I’ll start searching what to read.

My 21st entry to The Sunday Currently. My first entry for this year.

Local fm radio station back home, 96.3 WRock. Come Into My Life is currently playing.

Of cleaning my closet and get rid of those clothes I haven’t use for a while.

Chips, Sea Salt and Vinegar flavour.

For a good night. 🙂

Duster dress, the auntie in me is out tanyt! 🙂


To fold the clean laundry.

To buy new stationaries.

Crazy. :tehehehehe… I met up with my cousin earlier and we had a Makguli, Japchae and Korean fried chiken. We can’t get over with Makguli, and now we are planning to have a Soju night! So much of Korean drama in our system now.

Trackpad. Phone.

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