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Re-post: Sibling Rivalry


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I’ve seen this post circulating in Facebook, and a lot of my friends are very much excited to answer and re-post it to their walls. As much as I wanted to do it, I know my brothers will give me a death stare if I will join the bandwagon, hahahaha… Since I really wanted to do this, I decided to post it here rather in my wall. But, but, but I will be sending the link to them, hahaha… And crossing fingers and toes they will let me post this to FB. 😉


Answer how you feel about you and your siblings.

Who’s the smart one?

  • Academic wise, I say Me. hahaha… But in real life it should be Diko Ebb.

Most spoiled

  • Me, hands down to this. Both my older brothers spoiled me to death, don’t deny it Kuya and Diko. :p

Most Sensitive?

  • Me. :p

Worst temper?

  • Again, Me.

Most social?

  • The three of us actually.

Most stubborn?

  • uhmmm… Me

Who’s mom’s favorite?

  • Growing up Mama always reminds us she doesn’t have a favorite, and obviously my 2 older brothers doesn’t believed her, can you blame them? hahaha… Since I’m the youngest and only girl, I think its pretty clear, its me. (assuming)

Who’s liable to fight anyone?

  • Kuya Verdel. Not in a bad way though. Since he is a Police Officer, so yeah he is very much liable to fight with bad guys. 🙂

Best cook?

  • Both of them, Kuya and Diko.

Best Clothes

  • Me, you want me to explain further?

Who’s the sweetest?

  • Me. They wont question this, im pretty sure.

Who has the biggest heart?

  • I say, both of them.

Who’s the quietest?

  • Diko Ebb.

Who’s the worst driver?

  • Me. Since both of them are driving, I’m the only professional passenger among us three, hehehehe

Who is the most artistic?

  • None.

Who is better at sports?

  • Me, I guess. Though both of them plays basketball and bike. (if they have time)

Best Hair?

  • Me… Since both of them are ageing they are also losing hair. hahahahaha

Most musical?

  • None of us plays instrument, but both of them can sing. IN THE SHOWER. 🙂

Coffee drinker?

  • Me. I’m actually drinking coffee while doing this.

Who is loudest?

  • Even  our neighbors will agree to this, ME.

Who is most conservative?

  • Both of them actually. 🙂

Least expensive taste?

  • Kuya Verdel. hehehehe


  • Kuya Verdel.

P.S. kuya and Diko, I still remember the day you chop off my doll’s hair!!! I know you will deny this! 🙂


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