The Sunday Currently V16


Morning walks are the best!

This morning we decided to hike over to Mt Faber Park, we are so blessed that the park is just a stone away from our place. Its a good way to start the day. Be with Mother Nature. Inhale fresh air.

We reached Faber Peak, where you will find the cable cars going to Sentosa. It was such a lovely day that i wish I took my camera with me, maybe next time. And oh, photo credit to Kamsky.

Yes I did start “To Kill a Mockingjay”. Unfortunately its been 2 weeks now, I’m still stuck in chapter one. Sad, I know. Even if I have all the time to read, I don’t have the energy to open the book, what can I do? Just give me sometime, I will be on track again.

My 16th entry to The Sunday Currently. 

Listening All This Time, Sharon Cuneta with Side A Band.

What to have for lunch. When to open that book i mentioned above. When to start scrapbooking.

Ripe bananas. Why am I smelling and thinking about food? Is it because I am writing in our dining table? hehehehehe

Sun. Sea. Sand.

Shorts. Tshirt.

That today is such a wonderful day! Blue skies. Fresh air.

To finish my editing job.

Coffee. Tea. Hot chocolate. :p

Great! I just had a very good morning walk.


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