A day In Disneyland

When he asked me what i want for my 29th, i said DISNEYLAND, without thinking twice. girls will surely agree with me when i say that “Disneyland is one of our dream destination”. Growing up, I really dreamed of visiting the place.
I used to watch Disney shows while growing up. I don’t mind if i kept on repeating it, as long as its a Disney show, I’m good with it. i used to imagine being one of the Disney princess’s, or being the princess best-friend. among all the princess’s I’m a big Cinderella fan, i can’t explain why, Ijust love her to death. 
After graduating from college I promised myself I would really visit Disneyland, I tried to saved as much as I can, unfortunately my plan didn’t work out. I got married, moved to Singapore, visited another country, but never Disneyland. So, again I made another promise, I will visit Disney before I turned the big 30!  
And finally, the long wait is over, Disneyland here I come!!! you can imagine the excitement I felt when i was in front of Hong Kong Disneyland gate!
Since I’m a big fan of roller coaster, so I thought this ride was easy peasy, but i was wrong!
Did I mentioned that I cried during the parade? YES, I did!!! 🙂 Thank you Disneyland for making my 29th a memorable one. See you again Disneyland!
love lots,

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