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The Sunday Currently V36


This is the first entry of my the sunday currently in Philippines! 🙂

Yes friends, you read it clearly, Philippines. If you saw my last entry it was my goodbye message for Singapore. 🙂 We moved back home and its for good. So yeah, technically this is my first “write up” from the Philippines. 🙂

How’s life after Singapore? This is the common question I get from friends, and to be honest I can’t feel much difference yet, besides the obvious, internet connection is pretty damn slow! 🙂 Its been only 2 weeks since we came back, so it feels were on our annual vacation as of now. Maybe after a month or two I can tell the difference, and by that time a have a one paragraph answer for you. 🙂

Also, I’m planing to make a new entry, “Life After Singapore”, maybe? Who knows! 😉 But for now lets stick to my usual entry first. 🙂


I haven’t started a new book yet. But lately I’ve been re-reading those I’ve finished long time back. Im re-reading “Always and Forever Lara Jean” by Jenny Han.


My 36th entry 🙂 On the side note, I’m listing down items I need to grab fro the grocery.


Jason Mraz’ Long Drive. His voice has been blasting our home since yesterday. 😉

Ocean. Long hikes. I really wanted to hike today, but I haven’t found a trail nearby our place. I’ll just save my energy for now, since were traveling to Mama’s place next week, then from there I can have my much needed hike.

Dogs’ poop. Gross I know. But the neighbour’s dog has been shitting in our front yard, and I’ve been cleaning after them!!! One of these days, this neighbour will surely hear something from me. They are not responsible pet owners! Oh gaddddddd…

I can get an extra patience from the grocery. Cleaning someone’s sh*t can take up so much of patience. Im really ok cleaning after dogs’ poop if its my own, but they are not!

Jammies. Need I remind you that today is Sunday?

That I’m still able to extend my patience for an inch. 🙂


To talk to our neighbours and give them a piece of my mind about “RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERSHIP”.


To go out.

Happy, as always. 🙂

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Someone Got a New Phone

Someone got a new phone and its no less than the Nokia 3310!

Ever since I heard the news about Nokia 3310 doing a coming back, I was so excited and I wanted to have it too. But in the initial report, it says Singapore is not releasing it yet, and that makes me sad. Nokia 3310 has a special place in my heart, it was the first cellphone unit I ever owned, and it was a high school graduation gift from my brother, and I used it my entire college life. Talking about age now, are we? 😀

Fast forward to 2018, we happened to pass buy Challenger an IT retailer, and lo and behold they have the unit!!! Since I don’t have phone for the last two weeks, I decided to get it. I asked if they have the yellow one, unfortunately its out of stock so I just settled with whatever is on hand.

My hands were so itchy to unbox that I can’t wait to go home. When were finally home, I unboxed the unit like my life depends on it. Though it has a lot of difference from the original one, nevertheless my excitement was beyond eating ice cream and cake on a hot summer day. 😉

Below are the obvious difference from the original unit:

  • the box is like a box of a matchbox toy car :);
  • it is very light, the weight of the unit is like the weight of the battery from the original 3310;
  • power button is no longer on top;
  • its slim;
  • menu button is no longer oval;
  • obviously its coloured and 3g :);
  • it has net, fb and twitter, camera the old school style. The camera was the same with 7650 the first camera phone that Nokia released. Browsing also is very old school feel. :);
  • and you can insert a memory card;
  • our beloved snake is not the same as the last time, i find it very difficult to play 😦

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The keypads is still the bomb! At first my fingers were having difficulty in typing but after few minutes, alas my fingers remembers how to type FAST!!! 🙂

UI/UX wise, it has a lot of difference from the original, but as I’ve mentioned above my excitement is beyond eating ice cream and cake on a summer day.

Enough of my ramblings and random thoughts, I have to go and play snake, lets see If I can bet my previous score. 😉

Much love,


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The Sunday Currently V33

the sunday currently v33 by dose of color

Today I went out alone, and have some time with my self, hashtag alone time. Nahhh kidding. Since the husband is doing an over time, I went out and had lunch outside.

As much as I wanted to say I hate eating alone, their are times that I’m okay with it.  Eating alone, means people watching for me. 🙂 Since I was seating alone, a family shared a table with me, and I can’t help but listen to their conversation. While the dad was queuing up to order, the kid and mom were on the table.

The kid told his mom, “i know what to order, ready” (with cute singlish accent). Really? then tell daddy what you want, his mom said. But mommy, i want to add a fish, and i need to top up another 50 cents, is that okay? Yeah, its fine as long as you finish your food. Daddy ah! shouted the kid, I want set a and additional fish, mommy said its ok to add 50 cents.

While listening to the conversation, I can’t help but smile. The kid was so cute when he ask if its okay to add another 50 cents so he could get the additional fish.

Also, today I made a very random decision. The very reason why I went out is for me to have my bag clean. But when I went to the shop, they said they can’t clean it since its made up of nylon material, they only do for leathers. And they counter offer to dye it instead. Without thinking twice, I said YES. I say, a very random decision indeed. And with this, I ended up paying a good amount of money. 😀 With that amount I can buy 2-3 new book or a new bag. I really hope I won’t end up regretting what I did. Lets talk about this 3 weeks from now, the time when I’ll pick up the bag.

Finally, I got a new book! And its no less from John Grisham!!! I think I was just waiting for him to release a new book. 🙂 After writing this, I’ll start to read it. By the way its , The Rooster Bar.

The usual suspect, my sunday currently, I can’t believe I’m writing my 33rd entry!

Andy Grammer, Fresh Eyes. I remember the first time hearing this song, it was in a restobar. I was having a dinner with my cousin and a friend. And the band started singing this song, and I find the melody so catchy. Since it was so noisy, I can’t really hear the lyrics properly. And our friend was singing along, so I asked him whats the title, he said “Fragile”! All along, I really thought it was “Fragile”, but I can’t find it in youtube! Then one day, the song was played on the radio, so I ran near the radio and opened soundhound to check the title. Oh gaaaadddd its “Fresh Eyes”! 😀

Of going to sleep. 😀

Hand sanitizer.  Don’t ask why.

I wish for no rain today. I mean, its been raining everyday, maybe not today, please.

A cute tank top and a cartoonish shorts. 😀

That today is Sunday and tomorrow is Monday, back to work. 😀

To finish this entry so I could start reading the book mentioned above.

To be in bed with my new book.

Happy, as always. 🙂

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When Life is Being Funny

You know you could be a doctor, a surgeon. Why? Look at you, the way you handle and fixed the charger, its like its so precious. Oh, you know, I wanted to take up Med in Uni. 😄 Really? Oh wow! I on the other hand wants to be in the Marine, but I was so thin back then, and its hard for me to pass the physical exam. 😁 And I wanted to be a singer! Really? Oh yeah, but then Father said I should take up Engineering.

This was my conversation with my office mates one morning before we starts our work. I find it funny that we have different plans in Uni but we ended up in a Tech Company.


At first I wanted to be a Doctor (Pediatrician).
Then to being a Nurse.
Then to Vet.
Back to becoming a Nurse again
Then plans changed, I wanted to take up Psychology.
And then finally I took up Business Management!

 So much of wanting to be in medical field that I ended up taking BM. 🙂

Did I regret? No. Nothing at all. Why? Because life is very funny. One way or the other, I had the chance of working in the most exciting environment.


I was an Admin Assistant for my first job.

Then to my second job, I worked in a medical related company. I was surrounded with medical equipment. From test tubes to pregnancy kits! Somewhere somehow its like I’m working in the hospital.

Third job I work as a Customer Service Assistant, somehow I managed to use my degree.

Fourth job is the most exciting. I worked in a Pet Shop, I was an Assistant Groomer. Yeah, I don’t have to elaborate how exciting and fulfilling it was, the closest to being a Vet.


And currently I’m connected in a Tech Innovation Company as part of the Implementations Team. 😀

They say, when life gives you lemon, make lemonade. I say, when life gives you lemon, make a lemonade, share it with friends and talk how funny life is. 🙂

I don’t know where will I be in the next days, but one thing I learned, love life, live life, and never stop dreaming.