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Random Photos: March 2022

And just like that March is ending in few hours! Fast right? I can’t believe its been a month since we move back to Singapore. Singapore has ease its COVID-19 restrictions, we can dine-in in a much bigger group and most especially we can opt not to wear masks when were outside, hello fresh air!

As I was scrolling and selecting which photos to be deleted and retain I realise I don’t have much photos for this month. I’m not taking as much random shots as before. I hope when April comes, I’ll have that energy again. “wait… wait… wait… lemme take photos first”, “wait, can you take a photo of me?”, “oh another cutie cat, wait ahhh i’ll take a photo of you”, “there, nice right?”.

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Random Photos: February 2022

We decided to flew back to Singapore before the month ends. So my random shots are mostly taken at the airport, empty plane, quarantine food.

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Random Photos: January 2022

I have a lot of random photos in my phone and thought of deleting them to clear some space. But then part of me wants to keep them so I decided to make a photo dump entry for each month. They are just random photos, nothing fancy. 🙂