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The Sunday Currently V31


For the last seven years, we call Singapore our second home, and a lot has changed since the day we set our foot to this beautiful country.

Though we’ve been here for sometime now, Singapore’s beauty still takes my breath away. Every time I walk around Marina Bay, the feeling is always like its my first time in the area.

And the photo above was taken two weeks back.

Since its Sunday, lets continue with the usual, lets see if I have something new.

I’ve been really bad with my reading habits for the last few months. Sad to say the book I mentioned from my last post is still waiting to be finish. I should re-organise my time again so I could squeeze even 1-2 hours for my reading time.

31st entry, wohoo!

Some random shizz from Spotify. Oh wait, its Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney. I think I was in Uni when he released this song. 😉

My Mama. I had a quick call with her earlier. I miss you, Ma!

Neighbour’s cooking! Im sure the neighbour is a Filipino, coz i’m smelling adobo.

To spend the Christmas holidays back home.

Im still on my running attire. Don’t get me wrong tho, I didn’t run today. 😀 But I did walked for about 4 km around neighbourhood.

That I woke up early and did a walked around neighbourhood. And… and… and… I had a quick video call with the Mother earlier.

ahmmm…. for now, nothing.

To drink another cup of tea-c.

Tired. Sleepy. Hungry? hahahahaha

Trackpad. My phone.