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Third Month: Life After Singapore


Spending time with friends and family made me realise what I missed for the last 9 years being away from home.

So its been 3 months since we came back home from Singapore. Life’s pretty much okay. I can say we are back on track!!!

On our third month its all about family and friends. We manage to visit our relatives in my fathers’ side. Manage to attend one of nephews’ birthday, meet our friends, and most especially we were present when my cousin walked down the aisle to her forever!

But the highlight for this month is spending more time with my mom, she stayed with us for the last two months. Having her around makes our adjustment so easy especially for me. I always tell her every time I miss Singapore and she always gave the right words to ease my lonely heart. 🙂 Thanks, Ma!

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From time to time I still find myself staring at the blank walls and think of the life I left in Singapore. I had the same feeling 9 years ago when we left Cebu and decided to work and live in Singapore. But everything happens for a reason. And whatever reason it may be, Im all in. 😉


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The Sunday Currently V37

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Never underestimate the power of patience and understanding.

Two months after Singapore, I can say our life is slowly getting back into its normal pace. Going back home for good is one of the best thing happens to me, to us. Though it was not really our decision to go back home on the first place. 🙂 (ill talk about it in a separate post, if laziness won’t take over.)

So, yeah, as I’ve mentioned our life is slowing getting back to its normal pace. Im back to work, literally working from home. 😉 Im just thankful to my Lady Boss who’s trust in me is undeniable, for giving me the chance to still work for them. Thanks to the technology I’m able to work offshore. The husband on the other hand is also back to work, he recently a landed a job. Though it’s a bit hard for him as he needs to travel from our place to the City approximately an hour ( to and fro makes 2 hrs) lets not include the traffic which is really bad, btw. You just have to bring tons of patience when travelling to the city, good luck!

Sometimes I found myself staring at the ceiling, remembering our times in Singapore. Yes, I miss Singapore so much. I miss the place, the food (that’s why my photo above is mee goreng), the environment, my friends, everything about Singapore. Recently, I started listening to Class 95 and One FM, just because I miss the way how Singaporeans’ talk. 🙂

Since I haven’t updated my sunday currently for a very long time now, I decided to combine these two topic coz the laziness is taking over plus I haven’t get my hands in taking photos that I can use for my blogs. ;(

Been really bad with my reading lately, 😦 no book/s on hand for now.

My 37th entry. On the side is budgeting. 😉

Local News, Mom’s watching it as f now.

Food, particularly egg prata, mee goring, seafood fried rice and a cup of tea-c.

Steam Rice. I’m writing besides our rice cooker. ;p

For a lil rain. Summer is really doing its jobs, its so hoooot!

short-shorts and a tank top, again its summer so its super duper hot!


To start preparing for dinners.

To continue watching Suits (KDrama).

Excited. Were travelling next weekend to my Father’s place, gotta be seeing my relatives again.

Trackpad. My phone.

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First Month: Life After Singapore

Life After Singapore

Wew! Time flies so fast, I can’t believe it’s been a month since we left Singapore.

How’s life after Singapore?

To be honest, it hasn’t really sink in that I’m finally back home and were not going back to Singapore. I still feel that we are on our month long vacation.

Any complains, regrets after Singapore?

Complain? Uhhh yeah, got some 😉 Let’s talk about the obvious;

1. Internet connection is really damn slow! Can’t blame me though, I lived in Singapore for almost 9 years, so I’m pretty used on how fast the internet connection they have.

2. It’s summer in PH, so its really hot!

3. Traffic! 😦 Even early in the morning, traffic is already building up. I can’t help but get frustrated sometimes.

Regrets? Nope. Nothing at all.

On my first 2 weeks here, I was able to visit some of the places I’m really familiar with. I was able to visit the house where I used to stay during college days and I was able to pass by my alma mater. It would have been great if I was able to visit the school, but I was a bit busy, maybe next time? Before I forgot, I also went to visit the parents in-law.

The next 2 weeks was spent in Leyte, the place where I grew up. I was able to spend good quality time with Mother.  The husband and I were able to visit some places in Leyte which I haven’t been too, thanks to my brother for driving us around.

Now were back in the City (Cebu). Lets’ see what’s next for us.