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The Sunday Currently 09

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Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!

This post was suppose to go out yesterday. But I totally forgot, sorry.

Anyways, its still Sunday and valentines day in some parts of the world, so yeah it still counts as the sunday currently, right? 🙂

So yeah, what did you received yesterday? Did you guys went out for lunch/ dinner with your loved ones? As for me, hubster and I went to church, grocery shopping, short lunch, went back home, and I had my afternoon nap, nothing much “special-special thingy”. And later that night, we went out and watched football, it was Arsenal vs Leicester. The game was pretty intense! I was  jumping and shouting at the same time that I don’t care how other people think of me. 🙂 And at the end, Arsenal won, 2-1. Good job guys!!!

Again, Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!

For the last 2 weeks I’ve finished, Sanctuary (Family Justice #3) by Suzanne Halliday. And last week I finished Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I am not yet ready to read a new one, I am still broken hearted after reading Lou and Will’s story. 😦 I cried bucket of tears while reading its last few chapters. The last time I cried while finishing a book was Fault in Our Stars, which was what? almost 2 years ago. Can’t help I’m such a sucker of YA’s and love stories.

But then, I can’t help but read the second book, After You. Thank God, it was not as heart wrenching as the first one, or else one box of kleenex will be gone in 60 seconds.

My 9th entry to The Sunday Currently. Updating some websites too.

Class 95 fm. I’m in the office as of writing this.

Tea Time!!! hahahaha… Today everyone in the office is quiet stress out, so were looking for tea time so we can vent out our frustrations.

Oranges. We have a lot of oranges in office now, CNY you know.

For… Actually, nothing as of now.

Office clothes!!! :p

I’m still in cloud 9 after Arsenal won last nights game.

I need a good book to start on.

To book tickets for Cambodia. It’s been long overdue wish of mine to visit that country.

Hyper! Don’t know why.

Trackpad. My phone. My table.