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When I was a Kid

Sharing with you a message I received from our officemate, it made me smile & I hope it makes you too.

to be a kid again
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When I was a Kid

  • I’d put my arms in my shirt and told people I lost my arms.
  • I would restart the video game whenever I knew I was going to lose.
  • I would sleep with all the stuffed animals so none of them would get offended.
  • I had that one pen with 4 colors, and tried to push all the buttons at once.
  • The only thing I had to take care of was a school bag.
  • I would wait behind a door to scare someone, but left because they took too long or I had to pee.
  • I would fake being asleep, so my dad would carry me to bed.
  • I used to think that the moon followed our car.
  • Tried to balance the switch between On/ Off.
  • I would watch those two drops of rain roll down the window and pretend it was a race.
  • I used to swallow fruit seeds and get scared to death that a tree was going to grow in my tummy.
  • Closed the fridge extremely slowly to see when the lights went off

Remember when we were kids and couldn’t wait to grow up? And now, we think why did we even grow up?

I hope you have a smile in your face while reading this, if you want someone close to you smile too, go ahead and share the joyful memories.

Finally, I found the answer to the most asked question in my childhood… What do you want when you grow up?

to be a child again πŸ™‚

A Happiness Worth Sharing

Two weeks ago, I paid a visit to a bookstore without knowing what to get. Like any other people do, I roamed around and hoping to find something that will interest me. For almost an hour of roaming and checking some books, I almost gave up. It seems its not my day to get myself a new book. But I was wrong, because one particular book catches my attention. It was a “self help” book! A type of book i don’t usually read, coz I’m more on Contemporary Romance. But their is something about the title that really interests me, so I decided to get it.

When I started reading it, I was surprise! The book is very interesting and funny and… and… aggghhhI cant even find the right words to describe it! Basically it talks about HAPPINESS. It’s Hector and The Search For Happiness by Francois Lelord.

Francois Lelord
Hector and The Search for Happiness

And below is the list of Lessons in Happiness. I suggest you read the book, its really a very interesting book. πŸ™‚

Lesson no. 1 Making comparisons can spoil your happiness.

Lesson no. 2: Happiness often comes when least expected.

Lesson no. 3: Many people see happiness only in their future.

Lesson no. 4: Many people think that happiness comes from having more power or more money.

Lesson no. 5: Sometimes happiness is not knowing the whole story.

Lesson no. 6: Happiness is a long walk in beautiful, unfamiliar mountains.

Lesson no. 7: It’s a mistake to think that happiness is the goal.

Lesson no. 8: Happiness is being with the people you love.

Lesson no. 8b: Unhappiness is being separated from the people you love.

Lesson no. 9: Happiness is knowing your family lacks for nothing.

Lesson no. 10: Happiness is doing a job you love.

Lesson no. 11: Happiness is having a home and a garden of your own.

Lesson no. 12: It’s harder to be happy in a country run by bad people.

Lesson no. 13: Happiness is feeling useful to others.

Lesson no. 14: Happiness is to be loved for exactly who you are.

Observation: People are kinder to a child who smiles (very important).

Lesson no. 15: Happiness often comes when you truly feel alive.

Lesson no. 16: Happiness is knowing how to celebrate.

Lesson no. 17: Happiness is caring about the happiness of those you love.

Lesson no. 18: Happiness could be the freedom to love more than woman at the same time. (later, hector omits this lesson from his list)

Lesson no. 19: The sun and the sea make everybody happy.

Lesson no. 20: Happiness is a certain way of seeing things.

Lesson no. 21: Rivalry poisons happiness.

Lesson no. 22: Women care more than men about making other happy.

Lesson no. 23: Happiness means making sure that those around you are happy.

love lots,

colored pens πŸ™‚