The Sunday Currently V37

Never underestimate the power of patience and understanding. Two months after Singapore, I can say our life is slowly getting back into its normal pace. Going back home for good is one of the best thing happens to me, to us. Though it was not really our decision to go back home on the first place. 🙂 (ill talk about it in a separate post, … Continue reading The Sunday Currently V37

The Sunday Currently V36

This is the first entry of my the sunday currently in Philippines! 🙂 Yes friends, you read it clearly, Philippines. If you saw my last entry it was my goodbye message for Singapore. 🙂 We moved back home and its for good. So yeah, technically this is my first “write up” from the Philippines. 🙂 How’s life after Singapore? This is the common question I … Continue reading The Sunday Currently V36

The Sunday Currently V35

Singapore weather has been really crazy lately. It’s a beautiful weather when you wake up and the moment you starts for work, rain will pour as if no tomorrow. And the moment you arrive at your workplace, mr sun decided to show up again. You won’t know what will be the weather next unless you check the weather app. Since 2018 started its rare to … Continue reading The Sunday Currently V35

The Sunday Currently V34

For the last month I was literally swimming with work. Everything was on a rush. From setting up to configuration to uploading/ downloading contents to training to verification to production and finally TO LIVE DAY!!! I don’t usually get stressed with work, but since we got this project, oh gosh, I’m stressed almost everyday! But when you finally see the outcome, everything is so worth … Continue reading The Sunday Currently V34

The Sunday Currently V32

Today’s entry is very special, why? Coz, its our Mothers’ birthday. Happy Birthday Mama Elsa!!! What’s my birthday wish for her? Ahhh… this one is easy. I wish nothing but happiness and good health for her. Describe her in one word. Are you kidding me? How on earth I can describe her in just one word? Ok, ok, ok, relax. Fine, describe her in errrrr, … Continue reading The Sunday Currently V32