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The sunday currently v43

It’s been a month since I came back home and it’s been over 6 months since the last time I made an entry to my sunday currently.

I don’t have a good excuse for this, only I am too lazy to sit and write. I can’t say my creative brain isn’t working, since I have few ideas running.

I know I’ve made a lot of promises of writing and updating my blog properly. But I keep on failing, although I’ve been reminding myself over and over the reason why I still keep my domain. I wanted to write. I want to keep record of my experiences.

I hope starting from today I will keep on writing and updating. Chloe, fighting!


I recently finished another book from Catherine Bybee, Say It Again. This has been seating in my kindle for sometime now and I only finished it last week.

Im also reading The Complete Apocrypha and I’m now in the Book of Wisdom.


My 43rd entry, yay! :p


Im listening to this playlist from Spotify, Sundays Best and The Search is Over is currently blasting my speakers.


Should I have a dinner or not? Im still full from my afternoon snacks though, but I’m afraid I might get hungry later. Should I have dinner? Yes or Yes?


Air freshener, lemon scent.


Sundress, since its sunday hence the sundress… tehehehehehehe


I’m loving that I did not allow my lazy ass to take over my mind. I’m loving that I’m able to sit and write again.


To have a good night rest. I’ve been very busy lately and I’ve been waking up so early as well with no afternoon nap in between.


I wanted to start another book or continue watching my kdrama or eat or sleep early.


Tired. Accomplished.


Trackpad. Phone.

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Random Questions I Asked Myself

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FM radio. A cup of teh-c siew dai. A chat box. Drizzling rain. A chaotic mind.

For the last few weeks I’ve been thinking of writing. But I don’t have a concrete idea, a topic. All I have is an empty screen. While browsing the net, I stumbled a q&a video, and the first question was “how are you?”. That question stuck on my head. Those 3 words are very powerful, especially during these times. I started to question myself, when was the last time I ask someone how are they? When was the last time I ask myself, how am I?

I’ve been in constant communication with my family back home, and yesterday was the last time I asked my brother how are they and our mother. I had a short catch up sesh with my sister in law yesterday also.

I cannot remember when was the last time I check on myself, to be honest. And it seems I don’t have the right questions to ask myself either. I don’t know if I’m making sense right now.

The weather and music are making me emotional, so I decided to google… “questions to ask yourself”. And voila! I found a lot… hahahaha… I randomly select the questions that I want to ask myself, let’s see how will it go.

  1. How are you?

Honestly? I don’t know. Does it make sense? Kidding. I’m good. Although physically I don’t feel good. Working from home for the last 2 months, makes me lazy. Too lazy to go out for a walk or a run. Too lazy to do simple exercise. All I want to do is lay around the corner or sleep during the weekends.

2. What am I grateful for today?

I am grateful that I am given the chance to be alive today. That I have a husband who understand my mood swings. I am grateful that I have food on our table. That our families back home are all good.

3. Who am I checking in on, or connecting with, today?

My brother, I just sent him a random message. My younger cousins and my niece.

4. Have I done anything lately worth remembering?

I wanted to believe that I have. I really hope I have.

5. Have I made someone smile today?

Yes. I always made it a point to smile at someone. To smile to random strangers. And today is not an exception. While I was doing my grocery, I smiled to random strangers and great them “good morning”. How did I know that I made them smile when we are all wearing a mask? I just know. I can see it from their eyes and I can feel it. 😉

What did I feel after answering those 5 random questions? I felt happy. That’s for sure.

In today’s technology it is so easy for us to communicate, but it is very rare that someone genuinely ask how are you. Be that someone. Ask random family members and friends how are they. It will put a smile on their faces and makes their hearts do a little dance.

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Photo Dump: Sembawang Hot Spring Park

After many failed attempts of visiting the park, we finally set foot on the newly renovated Sembawang Hot Spring Park.

For some strange reasons during weekends I always woke up early, earlier than weekdays! Since today we don’t have other plans, I told the husband we should visit the park since it’s only walking distance away from our place.

When we reached the place it was already crowded, although it was only around 8am, guess the uncles and aunties woke up early also. 🙂 The foot bath was already crowded, we never had the chance to sit down and experience it, so we settled in soaking our foot on the pale.

Ma! I never thought it was that hot!!! hahahaha… Nevertheless, we had a good time while we were there. 🙂

For more information about the park, you may visit the National Parks page.

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The Sunday Currently V41

  • the sunday currently volume 41

So far so good. So far my energy of updating my sunday currently is on high. So far I’m excited to update, crossing fingers and toes that this energy will last long.

Half Empty by Catherine Bybee
This is the second instalment of her First Wives Series, and I’m planning to complete them by end of March. fighting!

My 41th entry to The Sunday Currently. So far so good!

Not listening to particular music right now. Currently on the background are Korean Drama (husband is watching), vacuum (our new housemate is cleaning), kids playing and shouting.

What time were going to have lunch, its a bit late but husband and I are not moving at all.

Nothing in particular.

For a good rest today for husband. He has his tooth extracted yesterday, and I think he haven’t rested well last night. I wish today he will rest well.

Shorts. T-shirt. I brought the comfiest shorts from uniqlo. Now im starting to question myself why I didn’t brought a pair right away.

That today im well and alive. 🙂

To iron our office clothes.

To go to sleep. hahahaha… Seriously, Im sleepy. I’d rather sleep now that to have lunch first.

Excited. I’ll be seeing my girlfriends later for dinner. I haven’t seen Cha for almost 2 years and Cath for the last 2 months.

Trackpad. Keyboards.