Third Month: Life After Singapore

Spending time with friends and family made me realise what I missed for the last 9 years being away from home. So its been 3 months since we came back home from Singapore. Life's pretty much okay. I can say we are back on track!!! On our third month its all about family and friends.... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently V37

Never underestimate the power of patience and understanding. Two months after Singapore, I can say our life is slowly getting back into its normal pace. Going back home for good is one of the best thing happens to me, to us. Though it was not really our decision to go back home on the first... Continue Reading →

Internet Lovestory

Hola people! Im still alive! 🙂 I have been MIA for sometime now due to slow or without internet connection. 😦 Promise once our connection is fix, I'll be bouncing back. 😉  

First Month: Life After Singapore

Wew! Time flies so fast, I can’t believe it’s been a month since we left Singapore. How’s life after Singapore? To be honest, it hasn’t really sink in that I’m finally back home and were not going back to Singapore. I still feel that we are on our month long vacation. Any complains, regrets after... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently V36

This is the first entry of my the sunday currently in Philippines! 🙂 Yes friends, you read it clearly, Philippines. If you saw my last entry it was my goodbye message for Singapore. 🙂 We moved back home and its for good. So yeah, technically this is my first "write up" from the Philippines. :)... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Singapore

After 9 years, 2 extra-large boxes, 1 large box, 4 luggages, 3 backpacks, thousands of photos and millions of memories, with a heavy heart and a puffy eyes, goodbye Singapore. Singapore, thank you for being our home for the last 9 years. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience your beauty. Thank you... Continue Reading →

Photo Diary: Trekking and Elephant Care

Finally Im posting the highlight of our Thailand trip, trekking and mahout program! On our 2nd day in Chiang Mai we signed up for a Trekking and Mahout Program, which means I have the chance ti interact with the gentle giant elephants!!! I've mentioned in my Ayutthaya post that we met a fellow Kababayan travellers,... Continue Reading →

Photo Diary: Flying Squirrels

Hello friends! 🙂 Today I'll be sharing our first day in Chiang Mai. You see, when I booked this Chiang Mai trip, I didn't plan anything, same with Bangkok, well at least in BKK I had something in mind to do, but in Chiang Mai, we are totally clueless. Not totally though as I knew... Continue Reading →

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