The Sunday Currently V45

Choa Chua Kang Park

I can’t believe its already the 3rd week of May. Time really fly so fast, the last time I remember I was still marching my way towards May!


61 Hours by Lee Child. I started reading this last month but for some reason I’m still not half way through it. But I promised myself I’ll finish this book.


My grocery list for this week, gotta do it tomorrow. And oh, of course my 45th entry for this sunday currently struggling segment.


Listening to this playlist in Spotify right now, and After the Love Has Gone by Earth, Wind & Fire is currently playing. I’m not broken hearted or something, but I have this habit of listening to sad love songs most of the time. I shared this with my sis-inlaw and she told me she do the same, I thought I was the only one with this weird habit.


Coffee. 🙂 I’m thinking of getting myself a cup of coffee. When May started I made a promise that I will limit my coffee intake. For the first week I did not take any and on the second week I only had 2 cups. For this week, I’ll try to do the same 2 cups only. hehehehe… let’s see.


Toast. Our housemates are preparing for their brunch, and they are having toast bread. The entire house is currently smelling burnt bread and butter, but in a nice way.


For a good weather. For the past few days Singapore weather is crazy, in the morning it is very sunny and early in the afternoon rain will start pouring, not just an ordinary rain but heavy rain with thunderstorm.


The comfiest shorts and t-shirt that I currently owned.


That I’m able to complete my chores as early as 11 am today.


To finish this… what I am currently writing/ doing. It’s been a while since I posted something .:)


To get myself another pair of white sneakers.




Trackpad and my phone.

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