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Ice breaker

While I was clearing my things, I found this little box of questions which I purchased 10 years ago. It brought so many memories when I found this box again.

I was probably in second year high school when I first saw this Ice Breaker game. It was my classmate Kiss who had it, and she had the Ice Breaker 1. She was kind enough to let us play with it and even allowed us to bring it home. I remember bringing it home and asked Mama to join me in answering random questions.

Because I was so hooked with the game, I asked Kiss where did she bought the cards because I wanted to buy. She said it was a gift from her Aunt who was from Manila and she got it from National Bookstore. Back then I don’t even know what was National Bookstore. In short, I was not able to get a set for myself.

Fast forward when I started working, I became a patron of National Bookstore. And one of those random visits I chanced upon the card game which I wanted when I was in high school! I remember I was so happy when I found the cards, unfortunately they don’t have the older version, so I decided to get the Ice Breaker 2. Obviously, the questions are more harder than the first one. And this time, it was only me who was playing with the cards. I brought it to one of our team buildings and shared it with my teammates, but they were not interested, for them the questions were too serious for their liking. True. I can’t blame them.

And you know what happened next, the cards where tuck in one corner as if it didn’t exist. Until I was cleaning my stuff. And just like the old times, I shuffle the cards and randomly pick and answer the questions.

1ST CARD – Privilege: You can ask anybody your question

How are you today? How’s life treating you so far?

2nd card – When do you consider ambition healthy?

When the ambition is for the betterment of yourself. During the process of achieving your ambition you are not hurting/ stepping others ambition.

3rd card – How do you share your success with others?

Honestly, I don’t know how to answer this. 🙂

4th Card: Fill In And Share: One Of The Worst Ways I Ever Reacted To A Declaration Of Love Was…

I was in my last year in university when one of my classmates showed some interest in me. I shrugged it off, since we were quite close. One time, he came to school with a teddy bear and a bouquet of roses. He handed it to me after our class and in front of few classmates, he told me he wants to date me! I was too embarrassed that I walk out! I didn’t even let him finished what he was saying. Worst, I did not went to our next class because we were classmates! I stayed in the library with the teddy bear and the flowers. hahahahaha

5th Card: Do You Favor Group Dating?

I’m good with it.

Ok, that’s it! Maybe next time I’ll pick up more cards to answer. I had a great time doing this again. 🙂


Hello, I’m Chloe and welcome to my space! I write random stuff. I take random photos. Sometimes I do technical writing. 🙂 I’m an animal lover (dogs and cats particularly) I love taking random photos of stray cats. I love books. I don’t have a particular book genre to read. I’m a huge fan of Mitch Albom and John Grisham, btw. I’m also into KDramas. KPOp, sometimes. I don’t have a proper training for writing, I just love to write down random things that pops up from my head. 🙂 This page is a work-in-progress. YAH bless you every day! P.S I love memes of dogs and cats.

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