Photo Dump: Sembawang Hot Spring Park

After many failed attempts of visiting the park, we finally set foot on the newly renovated Sembawang Hot Spring Park.

For some strange reasons during weekends I always woke up early, earlier than weekdays! Since today we don’t have other plans, I told the husband we should visit the park since it’s only walking distance away from our place.

When we reached the place it was already crowded, although it was only around 8am, guess the uncles and aunties woke up early also. 🙂 The foot bath was already crowded, we never had the chance to sit down and experience it, so we settled in soaking our foot on the pale.

Ma! I never thought it was that hot!!! hahahaha… Nevertheless, we had a good time while we were there. 🙂

For more information about the park, you may visit the National Parks page.

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