The Sunday Currently V41

  • the sunday currently volume 41

So far so good. So far my energy of updating my sunday currently is on high. So far I’m excited to update, crossing fingers and toes that this energy will last long.

Half Empty by Catherine Bybee
This is the second instalment of her First Wives Series, and I’m planning to complete them by end of March. fighting!

My 41th entry to The Sunday Currently. So far so good!

Not listening to particular music right now. Currently on the background are Korean Drama (husband is watching), vacuum (our new housemate is cleaning), kids playing and shouting.

What time were going to have lunch, its a bit late but husband and I are not moving at all.

Nothing in particular.

For a good rest today for husband. He has his tooth extracted yesterday, and I think he haven’t rested well last night. I wish today he will rest well.

Shorts. T-shirt. I brought the comfiest shorts from uniqlo. Now im starting to question myself why I didn’t brought a pair right away.

That today im well and alive. 🙂

To iron our office clothes.

To go to sleep. hahahaha… Seriously, Im sleepy. I’d rather sleep now that to have lunch first.

Excited. I’ll be seeing my girlfriends later for dinner. I haven’t seen Cha for almost 2 years and Cath for the last 2 months.

Trackpad. Keyboards.

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