The Sunday Currently V40

For the last two years, I’ve been really bad ’bout my blog. I have neglected it like it doesn’t have a purpose in my life. I’ve been telling myself I’ll have time to sit down and think and write and not allow my lazy a$$ to take control. Unfortunately, the lazy a$$ has won over and over and over. I have a lot of ideas running in my mind, I’ve been thinking of revamping the whole site. Thinking of writing new series, but none of them comes to life. Sad.

Few weeks ago, I was already sitting in one corner with my laptop and a small idea. I was really hoping I’ll be able to write it down, but I was distracted with this thing called youtube and other things that the internet offers. The lazy a$$ has won over, again. Sad.

Last night, I conditioned my mind that no matter what happens, on the following day, sunday, I will really sit down, and write. At least for my sunday currently entry. So here I am, trying my best to beat my lazy a$$.

Fool Me Once by Catherine Bybee
Since the year starts I also started going back to reading. Im proud to say I have finished 2 books and I’m in my third now. Hoping this will continue…

My 40th entry to The Sunday Currently. If I’ll be able to publish it by today (16/02/2020), I’ll be the happiest. Knowing how many times I’ve tried to write in the past and ended deleting them.

Random songs in youtube. Just to keep me sane while writing. I’m one of those people who can’t move without any background music/ noise.

I should finish this entry and publish.

Nothing in particular. I can smell that I’ll be able to finish and publish this entry, does it make any sense? I hope so.

Wishing to go out and have another cup of coffee. I had one earlier during breakfast, but I felt I need another cup.

Jammies. I didn’t dare to change, I’m afraid I might end up not doing anything on my entry again.

That I finally beat the lazy a$$.

To do the household chores. Yesterday, I was just lounging the whole day.

To go out, have another cup of coffee and prolly finish the book that I started reading.

I don’t know. Nah… if it make sense.

Trackpad. Keyboards.

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