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Random Life Update

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on. Robert Frost

For the past few months I didn’t get the chance to sit down and give time to update my blog. Every time I plan to update I always end up making up so many excuses not too. I always end up wasting my time scrolling instagram, twitter and youtube. I have wasted so much time in social media!

Last night I made a promise to myself that I will have sometime today to sit down and sort some photos and write a short update. I know I just need some good kick in the ass to make myself from moving forward. I just need to remind myself the reason why started this blog from the beginning.

To pull myself from a great slumber, I decided to make a summary of the last months shenanigans.

I flew back to Singapore to join the husband and it was not easy move for me. I had a hard time adjusting again. Part of me was happy that we’re back but part of me was sad leaving my mother again. Despite with all the mixed emotions I had, I have to pick up myself and continue with life and remind myself the everything happens for a reason.

Despite with the mixed emotions I had from the last month I was able to pull through, and a lot of good things happened. I played Pokemon Go again, hehehehe… But the highlight for me this month was going to Blackpink’s concert. 🙂 Yes, I went to see Blackpink live! It was our friend Ronald (the biggest BP fan I know) who got us the tickets. To be honest, I never imagined that my first KCon will be BP, if I had the resources, I could have chosen to watch SHINee, EXO or CNBlue. But nevertheless, I had the best time of my life during their concert, I was dancing and singing and clapping and shouting at the same time! hahahaha…

The best part of this experience was seeing them up close, Ronald won a soundcheck pass but he gave it up for me. I was able to see them with normal clothes on (plain shirts and jeans) and with less make up. At that time I forgot that I am 30+++ yrs old! hahahaha… I was surrounded with kids and teens and fanboys! hahahaha…

I found myself playing PoGo almost every day, and found myself playing one whole day on the weekends. There are times that I will refuse to go and play but the husband has millions of reasons to give just to convince me, and one of them is food! Every time he mentions about food the next thing I knew, Im on the road playing. Oh the power of food over me.

Aside from PoGo, Im also busy being a wife, a friend and an employee… hahaha… just making it clear.

When April came, my energy was on the highest by far for this year. 🙂 My babies are coming to visit us! (actually they are coming for the Pokemon Safari Event) They are my cousins children and Im very close to them.

Fast forward to the Pokemon Safari Event. I never thought the event will turn out that way. Palawan Beach (Sentosa) was flooded with players not only from Singapore but across the globe! Though the weather was crazy during that day, we had so much fun. Sadly, I don’t have much photos during the event. 😦

The following day after the Safari event we went to Melaka for a day trip. It was the kids first time and our second time. And as usual first agenda was to catch Pokemons, second was food trip and site seeing was the last. We were there for only few hours but we had so much fun.

After having so much fun for couple of days, we’re back to reality. Visitors are back home, husband and I are back to our regular programming.

To end this update… Im making another promise to my self, Ill update once a week. k.tnx.bye! 🙂



Hello, I’m Chloe and welcome to my space! I write random stuff. I take random photos. Sometimes I do technical writing. 🙂 I’m an animal lover (dogs and cats particularly) I love taking random photos of stray cats. I love books. I don’t have a particular book genre to read. I’m a huge fan of Mitch Albom and John Grisham, btw. I’m also into KDramas. KPOp, sometimes. I don’t have a proper training for writing, I just love to write down random things that pops up from my head. 🙂 This page is a work-in-progress. YAH bless you every day! P.S I love memes of dogs and cats.

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