Life Update: Adulting


Ever since my brothers and I moved out from our family home, it is very rare for the 3 of us to be in one city at the same time, unless we are visiting our mother. Last week, I had the chance of dropping by to the city where our eldest brother is currently based. Unfortunately, we were not able to catch up. He was on his training class and I was at DFA, after my schedule I was rushing to travel to the next city to catch the last trip going back home.

Both of us wanted to catch up, but I was rushing to get back home and he cant skip his training classes.

That little situation made me realise “being adult is such a difficult task” 🙂 Of course I already knew, its not an easy task to be an adult! There are times you are walking in a theme park and there are times you are walking in a jurassic park. 🙂 I remember my colleague Ayush, he said… we should have not  grown up, coz its a trap!

What’s my point in sharing the story? Nothing really. I just wanted to remind myself again that its not all bad being an adult. It is true that as you grow older the responsibilities grow as well, you just have to embrace them. 😀



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