Third Month: Life After Singapore


Spending time with friends and family made me realise what I missed for the last 9 years being away from home.

So its been 3 months since we came back home from Singapore. Life’s pretty much okay. I can say we are back on track!!!

On our third month its all about family and friends. We manage to visit our relatives in my fathers’ side. Manage to attend one of nephews’ birthday, meet our friends, and most especially we were present when my cousin walked down the aisle to her forever!

But the highlight for this month is spending more time with my mom, she stayed with us for the last two months. Having her around makes our adjustment so easy especially for me. I always tell her every time I miss Singapore and she always gave the right words to ease my lonely heart. 🙂 Thanks, Ma!

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From time to time I still find myself staring at the blank walls and think of the life I left in Singapore. I had the same feeling 9 years ago when we left Cebu and decided to work and live in Singapore. But everything happens for a reason. And whatever reason it may be, Im all in. 😉


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