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Photo Diary: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

On our third and last day in BKK, we planned to explore the Floating Market. Since we are leaving for Chiang Mai in the evening, we decided to checked out early and leave our bags in the hostel while we explore the floating market.

From the hostel lobby, they had few items posted, one of them is the list of the floating markets. We decided to visit the nearest one which is Klong Lad-Mayom Floating Market. Its about 30 mins by taxi from the hostel. Before we left the hostel I told E to take a photo of the names so we could show it to the taxi driver and for our reference too.

The drive was not too long since it was early so the traffic was still okay. When we reached the place we noticed that it was too empty. The only creature that greeted us was a wild bore. I was wondering why? Could it be because we were too early for the opening? Even if we were too early for the opening, at least we should be seeing the vendors getting ready, right? Hmmm… Something is really wrong, did the driver dropped us in the wrong place?

While we were figuring out why, I noticed a small note. OMG! The market is CLOSED ON WEEKDAYS! And we were there on a freaking FRIDAY morning! I was so frustrated at myself why I didn’t checked it while we were still in the hostel. E told me to calm down while he figures out what to do next. Ok, fine, calm down self. E told me we will just go the next market. How? I asked him? He told me to check the photo he took earlier, it has the direction. Yay, great! We took the first taxi we saw and told the driver to bring us to Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal and from there we’ll take a bus going to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

When we reached the terminal the next question was, what bus number should we take? The miss-know-it-all in me was not functioning at that time. Good thing a lady approached us and asked if were going to the market. Yes! She guided us to get our bus tickets and told us the bus number and what time it leaves.

After 30 minutes on the road, I noticed the traffic was very slow. We were moving really really slow, it was like that for the next 30 minutes, oh my, a road accident. 😦 And this time I got already worried, coz I know the market will take an hour by bus and as what I’ve read it will close by 12 noon. I tried to sleep but sleep at that time was really elusive.

When we reached the place it was already 11:30, and If the article I’ve read is true, then we only have 30 minutes left to explore the area. We didn’t waste any minute, we immediately bought our boat tickets and off we go the floating market.





To be honest, we don’t have much photos while we were here. E was busy taking video and my eyes were also busy with the different items they sell in here.





I bought a Pad Thai from her, and oh it was really delicious!

You can find almost everything souvenir related items here, you just have to be ready though, the items are really expensive!

While we were on the boat exploring the area, we can’t help but get amazed by how the locals do their business. Floating market was heavily used by the locals before, until it became a tourist attraction. I don’t think locals still come here to purchase their needs, maybe they just come here to sell something.

While my eyes were feasting on the colourful items my mouth was also watering seeing the different food they were selling. From local delicacies to fruits to fresh coconut water to mango sticky to PAD THAI! We can’t help but asked the boat man to stop for a few minutes while E buys fruits and I get the mango sticky rice. We can’t help but gasp, the food we were eating were all fresh! The next thing I knew, I was already eating a huge serving of Pad Thai. 🙂

After an hour of touring the market we decided to go back to the dock, its time for us to leave. We don’t want to be stuck in the traffic as we have a train to catch going Chiang Mai.

To those planning to visit Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, I suggest you take a minivan, it will save you so much time, though its a bit expensive compared to a bus. But if you have so much time to spare, then please take a bus. You can go to Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal, take the bus #78. It will drop you in front of the floating market itself.

Did I enjoy? Absolutely YES. Though we faced some mishaps at first, but visiting this place is so worth it. Did I get something aside from food? Yes, even if its expensive, I can’t leave the place without buying something. 🙂

See you on my next post…


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