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Travel Diary: Ayutthaya

On our second day in Bangkok we decided to see Ayutthaya. Ive read a lot of blogs about this place, also I’ve seen photos of a cousin who went to Ayutthaya, and its really nice.

I did a rough research on how to go to this place, and I already decided on which mode of transportation to take without considering E. 🙂 While on our way out, E told me to take our hosts suggestion, what transportation is best to take going Ayutthaya, and so I did. She said, “take the train, its faster“. Train? How to go to the train station? She smiled, “take a taxi tell the driver Hua Lamphong train station“.

Since Ive also read a blog that they took a train to Ayutthaya, so I said, ok why not? From our hostel, we took a taxi to Hua Lamphong train station. You can reach the station by taxi, tuk-tuk if its nearby where you are staying or you can take the mrt, Hua Lamphong is the last station of the mrt line.

Upon reaching the train station, like what I normally do, pretend that I know where to go. 😛 After few minutes of turning and observing the other travellers, I gave up and asked info from the staff. She pointed me to the ticketing window, so I went straight and purchased the tickets. “I wanna go to Ayutthaya, 2 tickets please“. She handed me my tickets, and told me what time is the train leaving and from which track.

Ayutthaya here we come!

I noticed that they didn’t provide a seat number for us, so I assume that its not passenger season and that we can choose our own seat as long as we are in the correct car.

Finally we are leaving!

While we were inside the train, I asked one of the train attendants about the seating arrangement, he just flatly told me, “standing”! What? Standing? But there were empty seats available, so we just happily seat down. Upon observing, then I knew, they won’t gave you a seat number if you bought the 3rd class seat and if your destination is not far. But I didn’t asked for a 3rd class when I bought the tickets? Maybe they just assumed I wanted a 3rd class since its just an hour journey? Well, fine with me, at least the prices is very cheap. 🙂

While the train is slowly moving to our destination, I was so shocked upon seeing a lot of people just happily cross the train railways! Like, hello! People! Why are you crossing the tracks? Isn’t it dangerous? I even saw one guy being sandwich by 2 moving trains! I was like? Whats wrong with them? E told me, they are used to it, its not as if they will cross the tracks knowing a train is coming. True! But still…

While I was so immersed with the surroundings, I heard one lady talking our language. She was asking her friends, if the train is really going to Ayutthaya, the miss know-it-all in me, smiled looked at her and said, yes, this is going to Ayutthaya. (but im pretty sure though, its written in our tickets… hehehe)

Finally, Ayutthaya!

When we reached Ayutthaya station, I immediately run to the map (as if I know how to read a map), then a tuk-tuk driver approached me. He asked if were going to hire a driver that would take us around. I asked how much and he quoted the amount if its 2 or 4 hrs. E asked him how many people can fit in into his car, he said 6. E decided to asked our kababayan if it is okay for them to join us and we’ll get the tuk-tuk together, and they happily said ok. 4 of them plus the 2 of us, perfect!

It’s the same set up when you tour around the temples in Cambodia, the tuk-tuk driver will show you the photos of the temple, which one to go first and next. Unless other wise you have another place in mind, then you have to tell them. When you reach your destination the driver will tell you where they will wait.

Our first stop was the very beautiful Wat Yai Chai Mongkon. We roamed around for about 40 mins, then drive off to our next destination.



If you have done the temple tour in Cambodia, you will notice the similarities of the ruins.

Our next stop was the Wat Mahatthat and we paid the entrance fee of 50.00tbh



Everyone was looking for this iconic object, and probably this is the most photographed object in the area.

After taking thousands of photos, we decided to go to our next destination, I forgot the name. It was where you can ride an elephant or go for a tour boat. But I’m not really okay when it comes to riding into the elephant, I felt its too cruel. 😦 We asked how much do we need to pay if we just want a photo with them, but its too expensive, its 600.00 for just a photo, nah never mind. Plus the boat tour is expensive too, everything in this place screams for money, so we left, then we told our driver to bring us to a restaurant for our lunch.

With our new friends. Photo grabbed from Ejay’s FB, I don’t know why I didn’t take a photo during our lunch.

After we freshen up, rested and fuel ourselves with sumptuous Thai food, we went to our next destination.

Too bad I forgot what was the name/s of the places we went after.


Hi Friends, thank you for making our Ayutthaya trip a very memorable one. Hoping to bump into you soon. Explore the world while you are still young. 😉


Dear Ayutthaya, I may not have written well about you, but please know that I had a great time exploring your city. If given the chance Id love to go back and explore more.

Much love,



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