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Travel Diary: Bangkok

For this years first travel, we head down to the City of Angels, Thailand! First stop, Bangkok. 🙂 Yes, BKK was our first stop, you might be wondering how many days we were in Thailand that I’m talking about stop/s. 🙂

E and I were in Thailand for a week, we split our days in BKK, Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai. And today’s post is dedicated to our day in BKK. I have so many photos that I don’t know which one to post. As the youngsters will always say, “the struggle is real!

We came down to Thailand without really plotting an itinerary compared to the other places we visited. This time, our motto was “come what may”. 🙂 One thing is for sure though, I wanted to see the “Reclining Buddha” and the famous “Floating Market/s”.

On our first day in BKK, my plan was to see the Reclining Buddha right away and  see where will our feet takes us. I asked our host on how to go to the place and she happily showed us the map and told us to take a boat going to Wat Arun Pier. Good thing the hostel is just near Phra Arthit Pier (N13), so we decided to walk instead of taking tuk-tuk.

When we reach N13 and saw the map, we decided to take the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat a an equivalent to hop-on-hop-off bus. We bought the One-day River Pass which is 180.00 thb.


Pom Phra Sumen
Santichaiprakarn Park

Our first stop was the Tha Maharaj Pier. From here we walked all the way to the Grand Palace. But we decided to skip it since E can’t go inside coz he was wearing shorts, unless otherwise he will buy long pants from the vendors outside, which is by the way so pricey! Talking about taking the opportunity from the tourists who were not aware of the dress code. 😉 We continued to our next destination which is Wat Pho, from here shorts are allowed but sleeveless are not, good thing I had with me my cardigan.

Before you can go inside, you have to pay the entrance fee which is 100.00tbh. Upon entering to where the buddha is placed, you have to removed your footwear, don’t worry its not like the other temples were you will leave your shoes outside. They will provide a plastic bag to place your shoes on.

Temple of the Reclining Buddha
Temple of the Reclining Buddha

After taking thousands of photos of the buddha we continue to walk outside, and took thousands of photos again. 🙂




After thousands of photos taken, we decided to leave the place and explore other places. We head down to the nearest pier. And before we jump off to the boat I had my obligatory mango sticky rice first. 🙂

Off to our nex destination.


Wat Arun

We also visited the newly opened pier the “Lhong 1919”. The buildings are constructed in the Chinese architectural style. The place is not yet packed with tourists but its packed with “millennials” taking their #ootd, and what else can I do but to join them, too. I will only share one photo, coz the rest are my “fashion-blogger-wanna-be” shots.


We also went to see their flower market. To be honest I was shocked with the amount of flowers they had, it was massive amount of flowers!!! Upon entering the market, I didn’t saw anyone taking photos, so I assume its not allowed? Thats why the photos we had are not really nice, it doesn’t do justice with how beautiful the place is.


Hopping from one place to another is really tiring, I told the husband we won’t be visiting the other touristy  places, instead we just hop on the boat again, rest and enjoy the view. If I feel a bit okay will get down. The last place we went to was Thonburi Railway Station. My feet were almost giving up that we ended up walking only nearby the pier, take some shots then go.


While we were on the boat going back to our hostel it was almost sunset, the sky were turning into different colour. I decided to put down my camera and just enjoy the view. I don’t need a photo to capture the view, I only needed my eyes, mind and heart to save the beautiful memory.


When we reach to our hostel, we rest for a while and head out again for our dinner. Our place is just 5 cartwheels away from the famous Khao San Road! I was so amazed seeing pad thai anywhere! hahahaha… After dinner, E convinced me to go for a foot massage, and who am I to say NO? Im in Thailand eating Pad Thai and having a foot massage, life!

Our first day ended with a tired feet, full stomach and wonderful memories.



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