Happy New Year!

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Dear Blog,

Happy New Year!!!

I know its a bit late to greet you, but as the saying goes by, “better late than never”. 🙂

A lot of things happened from 2017 which I’m very thankful for. Without those, I wouldn’t be as strong as I welcome 2018, and I promise to remain the same the entire year.

I plan to do a lot of things for this year, and to start , I just purchased a domain, finally! You my dear blog is now oncolouredpens.com, nice right? 🙂 And I promise to update you whenever I can. No. Scratch that. I promise to update you often.

Time flies so fast that today is already the 20th of January, Im afraid the next time I open my eyes, its already summer. Kidding. To be honest, Im excited, nervous, scared for 2018. I don’t know what’s in store for me as we embark this new year.

As I walk my journey for 2018, I want to accomplish some things, I’ll list it down in my notes and I hope before this year ends I’ll be able to check them one by one. 🙂

Happy New Year!


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