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The Sunday Currently V34


For the last month I was literally swimming with work. Everything was on a rush. From setting up to configuration to uploading/ downloading contents to training to verification to production and finally TO LIVE DAY!!! I don’t usually get stressed with work, but since we got this project, oh gosh, I’m stressed almost everyday! But when you finally see the outcome, everything is so worth it.

Other than seeing the outcome of the project, one of the things I’m looking forward to is the holidays!

Now its what? 17th December, that means 8 days more to go and its Christmas!!! Wohoo! I’m so excited for this holiday season, as I am travelling back home. After 7 years of not spending it with family, finally I’m coming back home.

I have so many things running in my mind right now, unfortunately I’m having so much time writing them down. I guess my brain is already on holiday mode, can’t help though. I really needed this vacation but its the husband who needed this more than I do. The guy has been doing overtime for the last 4 months, 4 months!!! Same situation with me, they are rushing their project as well.

So much of talking shizzz ’bout work, lets talk this sunday currently which I have been neglecting for the last month. This will be my last entry for this year, I think.

This year I’m really bad with my reading time. To be honest I haven’t finish the last book I mentioned, and its by John Grisham, this is the first time that I didn’t able to finish his book in a week.


The usual suspect, my sunday currently. My packing list as well.

Christmas songs!!!!

Of flying home, right now!

Freshly baked cookies, from the neighbour’s.

I’ll finish packing soonish. I have so many things to do before my grand vacation starts.

My trusted PJs. 😉

That today the weather is so good.

To finish all the errands, again I’m going for a vacation so I have to make sure everything is fine before flying off.

To go back to bed. To finish packing. To iron office clothes. To read. To eat again.

Happy, as always. 🙂

Trackpad. My phone.

See you again next year!!! Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Cheers to good life!


Hello, I’m Chloe and welcome to my space! I write random stuff. I take random photos. Sometimes I do technical writing. 🙂 I’m an animal lover (dogs and cats particularly) I love taking random photos of stray cats. I love books. I don’t have a particular book genre to read. I’m a huge fan of Mitch Albom and John Grisham, btw. I’m also into KDramas. KPOp, sometimes. I don’t have a proper training for writing, I just love to write down random things that pops up from my head. 🙂 This page is a work-in-progress. YAH bless you every day! P.S I love memes of dogs and cats.

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