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The Sunday Currently V32


Today’s entry is very special, why? Coz, its our Mothers’ birthday. Happy Birthday Mama Elsa!!!

Happy-Birthday-MotherWhat’s my birthday wish for her? Ahhh… this one is easy. I wish nothing but happiness and good health for her.

Describe her in one word. Are you kidding me? How on earth I can describe her in just one word?

Ok, ok, ok, relax. Fine, describe her in errrrr, maybe in 5 words? Nahhh ah… your face says it all, fine go ahead, describe her the way you wanted.
Good. At least we agreed on something. Hmmmm…. How should I put it? Mama Elsa is very kind. She has the most genuine heart, no I’m not saying this because I’m her favourite daughter, but its the truth. She may have her own flaws but it doesn’t stop her to be a good mother to us and even a better grandmother to her grand kids. And oh, she is a very good listener. You can tell her anything and everything under the sun, she won’t judge you. She will listen intently, as if you were telling her a very important thing, when in reality you were just rumbling some silly things. πŸ™‚ And, she is the sweetest, too! And… and… and… she is such a cry baby too, like me! Ahahahaha… I hope she won’t cry when she reads this. πŸ™‚

Do you miss her? Of course, I do! It’s a no brainer question. I miss her so much. I miss everything about her. I miss her cooking. I miss our cuddle nights. Though my siblings and I are already GROWN UPs, we still love to cuddle her. Can’t wait to see her again.

Does your mother has pet names for you and your siblings? Oh yeah! Dodong/ Dong (its a Cebuano term for young boy), for both my brothers and Inday/ Dai (its a Cebuano term for young girl) for me, or sometimes if she is too happy having us around, she calls us “Anak” (child). But, the moment she calls us by our full name, hahahaha… good luck! That means she is already angry and its time for us to call our guardian angel for some help. πŸ™‚ Even if she is the sweetest, she’s scary when she’s angry. πŸ˜‰ The moment she calls me, Chloe! Good luck with that. πŸ™‚

Anything you want to say or tell her? I have a lot! But I’ll save them. Its better to tell her in person, coz I wanna see her reaction on my silly stories. See you soon, Mother! And again, happy happy birthday Mama Elsa! I love you and miss you so much… Check my love letter to Papa also. πŸ™‚

So now, I’ll continue with whats new and not for my sunday currently. πŸ™‚

Something not new, I haven’t open a new book. I went to the bookstore last week, and nothing caught my attention, maybe next week, I’ll have an update for this section.

My 32nd entry.

To some Kdrama OST on Spotify. And yes, I don’t understand the lyrics coz its in Korean. πŸ™‚

About Mama. I hope she is having fun on her birthday.

Fried fish. πŸ™‚

For a good health for Mother.

Extra large tshirt and shorts.

That today our Mother is celebrating another year.

To put away my laptop so I could start doing my chores.

To give Mama a big big hug today.

Happy. Happy Birthday Mama Elsa!

Trackpad. My phone.

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Hello, I’m Chloe and welcome to my space! I write random stuff. I take random photos. Sometimes I do technical writing. πŸ™‚ I’m an animal lover (dogs and cats particularly) I love taking random photos of stray cats. I love books. I don’t have a particular book genre to read. I’m a huge fan of Mitch Albom and John Grisham, btw. I’m also into KDramas. KPOp, sometimes. I don’t have a proper training for writing, I just love to write down random things that pops up from my head. πŸ™‚ This page is a work-in-progress. YAH bless you every day! P.S I love memes of dogs and cats.

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