The Sunday Currently V29


Seeing playgrounds like this reminds me of my childhood. Those days when fear is not yet added to my vocabulary. The streets back home was our playground, from climbing to jumping to running, name it, I’ve experienced it.

As much as I wanted to stay and play, I can’t, they have a signage though, only kids up to 12 years old can play here. 😉 Instead of drooling of envy from the kids playing, I’ll just continue with my Sunday currently. 😉

None for now. Except if you consider reading soompi :), kidding. To be honest, I haven’t open a book for the last month, my bad. Maybe this month I’ll start a new one, crossing fingers and toes. 🙂

My 29th entry! 🙂

Everyone is Getting Married, a Japanese drama. The husband is a bit bored so he’s watching anything he can find online, and it just happened that he choose this drama, good choice if I may say. 🙂

What to have for lunch.

Nothing in particular.

I wont be lazy today. 😉

Extra comfy shorts and my favourite tweety bird shirt.

That today’s weather is really nice. It’s so windy that it makes me feel sleepy.

To get up and start planning what to cook for lunch, or should we just go out and eat outside again?

To organise my closet, again!

Sleepy. Blame it to the weather.


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