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Korea Day 1: N Tower and Itaewon

The long wait is over. After years months of convincing the husband to allow me to travel to Korea has come to an end, and he said YES, finally! But with him, of course. When I received the go signal, I didn’t waste my time, I immediately file for a leave, search for cheap flights, prepared the necessary documents for our visa applications, and look for a place to stay.

    • leaves approved
    • flights booked
    • visas approved
    • accommodations booked

Prior to convincing my husband, I already knew which places I wanted to see when in Seoul. Two weeks before our flight, I tried to make our itinerary, but unfortunately my brain didn’t cooperate. So I gave up, anyways I still have enough time to do it. One week before the flight, I sit down in front of my pc, tried to make our itinerary, and viola, in a span of 2 hours, I was able to iron out our trip to Seoul.

After all the chaos and headache I went through, finally were all set to see Seoul. I was so ready and excited. I am all set to travel together with my basic knowledge with the Korean language, when I say basic, its very basic, (hi, hello, how are you) hahahahaha… 🙂 But I’m pretty sure I can manage, whats the point of watching those dramas without picking up something from it, right? So yeah, I’ve convinced myself, I can communicate properly.

Before I bore you with my rumblings, let me just share with you some of the photos we took on our first day. We went to Namsan tower first then back to where we stayed, Itaewon.

Hike up to N Tower.
N Tower, up close and personal. 🙂
Our view while we were on the observation deck.
For those who put love locks here, im wishing they are still together. 😉


Stop, and smell the flowers.
I find this photo really cute.
My yellow backpack says, thank you N Tower, we had fun. 😉

As much as we wanted to stay longer at N Tower, we decided to go down after few hours. Were still tired from the 8 hours flight, mind you it was my first long flight.

Before going back to our cute Air BnB accommodation we decided to roam around Itaewon and have our dinner first. Sharing with you few of the photos we took while we were in the area. I really wanted to post more photos, but I can’t decide which one to share.




Itaewon is such a beautiful neighbourhood. I can’t put in the right words to describe the place. Hmmmppp how about this, “visit Seoul and see for yourself”. 🙂 See you again on my next post about my Seoul getaway. 😉


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