The Sunday Currently V25


Finished another Julie James book yesterday, The Thing About Love. Yesterday I went to 2 bookstores and checked the latest Jenny Han’s book, Always and Forever Lara Jean unfortunately it was sold out. (as expected) Now I’m contemplating wether I should just buy a soft copy or I’ll wait for the stocks to arrive. Really, nothing beats the smell of a book.

My 25th entry to The Sunday Currently. Grocery list. Some work related items.

Thunder. Rain.

What to have for lunch. 🙂 Should I start another drama? Should I sleep?

Something fried. Housemates are cooking for breakfast and I’m in our room, so not sure what I’m smelling now, fried eggs maybe.

Im in the beach right now.

Extra large tshirt.

That I was able to run earlier. Though it was cut short coz rain decided to pour on my parade. 😉

To start reading again. Seriously, I need to catch up with my reading. I have been very focused with dramas for the last month.

To buy Jenny Han’s new book, ASAP.

Happy and excited.

Trackpad. My phone.

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