Appreciation Post: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

I don’t normally write and post my reactions and appreciations every time a good drama ended. For I know, I’m not good with words, I cant express my feelings well thru writing. But this time, its different. I felt like I really need to pull off my brain and write down one for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

The very reason why I watched this drama from the beginning was because I was still having a major hang over of Park Hyung Sik from Hwarang. I felt the need to see him again in a new drama, good thing this one came in right on time.

I thought I’ll finish this drama with nothing but PSY as the reason. Forgive me for thinking this way.

The moment I finished episode 1, I was already captivated with the story line. Right then and there I knew the reason has changed. I will finish this drama because, the writers and producers is giving me a very good one.

I’ve always invest my time, effort and feelings to each drama that I watched. In this one, its totally different. I have invested so much time. I always woke up around 4 or 430 am SGT just to catch the latest episode. This only shows how hooked I am to this drama. While watching I would always take screenshots so that I can use them to post on twitter. Normally I don’t post this stuff on my social media accounts, except for FB. From time to time I’ll post some. Again, as I’ve said this time its a different story, my twitter which was created long time ago for testing purposes and didn’t bother to use is actually very busy on weekends, because of SWDBS. My Instagram which I only use for personal interactions has been a tool for me to like and comment to almost any posts related to SWDBS! Really, this drama made me into a social media maniac! Don’t worry its in a nice way, as I have gained a lot of friends online. 😉😊

So friends, allow me to thank the 3 main lead stars, cast, crew and staff for giving us this drama.

Park Bo Young

From the first time I saw you in a drama, I know you will be in my list of favorite actresses. You are such a versatile one, whatever that it is given to you, you always exceed our expectations, just as what you did in SWDBS. I really love your character, your sassiness, your quirkiness, everything about you in this drama, I simply loved it. I hope you will be given another role to showcase your talent. I cant wait to see you again in another drama. Thank you for giving your best Do Bong Soon, I will surely miss you.

Park Hyung Sik

Where will I start? I don’t know. The words are running in my mind while writing this and I don’t know how to rephrase them accordingly. Forgive me if my wordings will be rambled. Your role in SWDBS gave us a heart attack almost every episode. The way you stare at Bong Soon gave us a butterfly in the stomach, always. You have portrayed your role beautifully that sometimes I believed it is no longer Min Hyuk is talking but Park Hyung Sik itself. Personally, I fell more for you while watching this drama. You should have seen my phone, it has a lot of screenshots of you. I will always be rooting for you and I cant wait for you star in a new drama. Thank you Ahn Min Hyuk for loving our Bong Soon!


I admit, I really hate your character in SWDBS. But what can I do, it is was what was given to you, and you have pulled it off. You have proven once again how good of an actor you are. I can’t count how many times you have been the second lead, and I can’t wait for the day that you will be given a chance to be the male lead. And if that day happens, I will be their supporting you. You have always been one of my favorite actors. Thank you Gook Du for annoying the crap out of me! :p

To all the cast, crew and staff of SWDBS, thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for giving us this drama. Your hard work has given us (audience) a very good drama. Your hard work is much appreciated, again, thank you for giving us Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

Special shout out to Jang Mi-Kwan a.k.a the kidnapper. Dude, you have set a very HIGH standard for those actors who will portray a kidnapper in the upcoming dramas! 😂

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, I will surely miss you. My weekends will never be the same again. I know I have to move on from you eventually, but as of now allow me to re-watch the show over and over again.

***All images used in this post are from Google.

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