The Sunday Currently V18

The Sunday Currently V18

It’s so shame on my part for not updating my blog religiously!!!!

You see, I have been jobless for the last month, yet I haven’t write something for my blog, I haven’t finish the book that I purchased few months ago. 95% of the time, I am just at home, doing the usual things, waking up early, cooking breakfast, preparing lunch box for the husband, laundry, ironing, cleaning. The last 3 items mentioned, I don’t even do them everyday. What I’m trying to say here is that, I have all the time in the world for the last month, yet I haven’t done anything good for my blog.

Sometimes I find myself, staring at a blank text editor trying to come up with a topic that I can post. Sadly, nothing came up.

I blame this problem to Kdramas! hahahaha… Oh yeah! For the last month I am super occupied with Kdramas. Korean Variety Shows. Name it! My cousins would even joke that they will send me to rehab, for being addicted to Kdramas! Their was even a time, 3 of my friends called in the same day, their opening lines were, “please tell me you are not watching korean drama again”. They didn’t even bother asking me “how are you?”. I guess they already knew I’m doing okay as long as I have Jo In Sung‘s photo in front of me. tehehehe

Anyways, lets go to our usual business, The Sunday Currently, shall we?

Home Sweet Home by Melanie Shawn. Actually, I haven’t started it yet. Don’t worry im planning too. 🙂

My 18th entry to The Sunday Currently. Yas!

Moonlight Over Paris. Paulo Santos. I’m actually listening to a local FM station back home.

Of buying Christmas Cards.


For a good weather for the entire week. A cousin is coming over for a short vacation. So it will be good if rain is going to hide for a couple of days so she can enjoy walking around without bringing umbrella.

House clothes. Shorts. I must say, I’m wearing a cute tank top.

That my cousin is coming over. I have the chance to dress up again and go out and have some fun.

To buy those Christmas Cards so I can start mailing them on the first week of December.

To eat ramyon. Blame this to Kdrama again.

Excited. Becase cousin is coming!


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