The Hunt is On

Last Friday the husband asked me to join him in Pokemon hunting (yes, he is very serious with this business, too). I asked, where to this time? Marina Bay, he said. No need to bribe with food this time, I happily joined him with his quest. Cue music here… I will travel across the land  Searching far and wide… Literally far and wide, imagine we are staying at Telok Blangah, and here we are travelling all the way to Marina Bay just to catch Pokemons. 

While were on our way to our destination, I can’t help myself but to take some snaps of Singapore’s financial district. No matter how many times Ive seen this place up close and personal I still get excited, its like the first time I laid my eyes on it. Oh, Singapore why so beautiful? How to be you po? 🙂


Singapore Financial District
Marina Bay Sands light show just started.

Singapore Financial District

Singapore’s Financial District
Marina Bay Sands/ Art Science Museum
Marina Bay Sands
Helix Bridge at Night
The Helix Bridge

Marina Bay Sands

Pre Pokemon era, you will see runners, cyclists, tourist, kids running and shouting in this area. Now? its occupied by Pokemon hunters (just like you and me). You could still see some cyclists and runners though.


Any one saw Dratini? Dragonair? How about Snorlax? No?! Oh crap, why its all Magicarp??? on a magic carpet ride…. I was hoping to catch some Snorlax you know. If not Snorlax at least some cute-cute pokemons, not MAGICARP!!!


While waiting for the second light show, why not catch some pokemons. Eyyy wait, I saw Dragonair! Psssshhh.. its just Weedle, never mind. Next item, please.


Eyyy guys, where are you going? Any interesting items shows in your radar? Wait… I wanna join you… Wait! Ok ok ok… go ahead I have to catch Rattata first.

Singapore Financial District

After 2 hours of catching MAGICARP I gave up! Come lets go home. Lets go to the nearest taxi stand. Oh, i forgot, I still have to hatch some eggs, ok ok ok will walk for another 2 km, just 2 km ok?

Yeah, this is how we spent our Friday night, catching and hatching Pokemons! hahaha…

Happy Weekend yeah all!!!

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