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So, I have been MIA for quiet some time now. I am also wondering what keeps me busy that I don’t have the time to write something.

Today, as I am seating in our room, I tried to remember the things that keeps me busy and things that I haven’t done in a long time. Did I spent my time correctly? Did I spent my time wisely?

Read an actual book.
Few months back, I purchased 2 books. One of them I didn’t bother to read, the other one I read few pages only. In my Kindle, I purchased few books too, it didn’t took me few days, I was able to finished 2 e-books. And I also follow few stories in Wattpad, too.

I used to read at night, but now instead of holding a book, I’m holding my phone and catching Pokemons! Yes, I’m one of those mundanes who’s also hooked to this game, don’t judge. 🙂

I started scrapbooking few months back too, yet I only did 2 pages. After that, I keep my things in a box, and never dared to open it.

If I am not busy catching Pokemons, you can find me in one corner with my laptop. Alams na, I’m watching k dramas again. As of the moment I have 3 k dramas running and 1 j drama. Not to mention I finished 1 k drama in 3 days only, (21 episodes in 3 days).

I used to play badminton once a week.

Instead of going to the court, I’m into running and walking now. Hmmm… more on walking actually, again, Pokemon. Hatching eggs, you know.

Therefore, I conclude my time is not wasted at all, hahahaha… I don’t know what I’m rambling now. 🙂 BRB, gonna finish some real work now.

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