The Sunday Currently V15


Excuse the #ootd image above, I don’t have any other photos that I can use for todays entry. 🙂

Im always reminded by my brother’s words, “Always wear a dress or a skirt when going to the church.” From then on, I always see to it that I am well dressed when I’m attending the Sunday mass. And its always the best time to take my #ootd’s. 🙂 You can just imagine how many photos the hubby took every sunday for my #ootd. Sorry, girls will always be girls. hehehehe

Anyways, lets continue with the usual sunday grind, and forget my #ootd first.

I just finished Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham. I have Haper Lee’sTo Kill a Mockingjay” and “Go Set A Watchman“. Don’t judge if I haven’t read to To Kill a Mockingjay. I will read it this week, promise.

My 15th entry to The Sunday Currently. And some short story.

Treat You Better, Shawn Mendes.

Going for a nap. : )


Nothing as of now.

White loose t-shirt and sports shorts.

That nobody is disturbing me. 🙂 me.time.

For a 2 hours nap. Im sleepy after finishing one glass of wine.

To finish the book I mentioned earlier.

Sleepy. hehehehe

Trackpad. Phone, checking ig and fb. Ohhhhh… social media.

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