The Sunday Currently V16

Morning walks are the best! This morning we decided to hike over to Mt Faber Park, we are so blessed that the park is just a stone away from our place. Its a good way to start the day. Be with Mother Nature. Inhale fresh air. We reached Faber Peak, where you will find the... Continue Reading →

Happy Monday, Y’all!

Photo Credit: Happy Monday, y'all! Here's a sloth wishing for a good day to all! May this day be filled with joy and happiness, as you embark a new day whether you are in school, in the office or if you are just at home (like me). Stay safe and dry everyone in Singapore!

The Sunday Currently V15

Excuse the #ootd image above, I don't have any other photos that I can use for todays entry. 🙂 Im always reminded by my brother's words, "Always wear a dress or a skirt when going to the church." From then on, I always see to it that I am well dressed when I'm attending the... Continue Reading →

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