Rain is a Four Letter Word

Rain is a Four Letter Word ©Brian Tang Whenever it rains, I feel so free Free as a bird, rain is my life Washing away my troubles Quenching my sun baked soul While others rush for cover I stroll among the empty streets The rain dancing upon my lips Looking up at the gray clouds... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently V14

Hello Rainy Season!!! To some, rainy season is pain to their ass*s! hahahaha... But for the famers, its the season to be jolly! 🙂 And to a person like me who happens to love rainy season, I have a lot of reasons to be happy and jolly too. Though my image banner does't represent rainy... Continue Reading →

Our Experience to the Khmer Food

The moment the husband and I set our foot in Siem Reap his first question was, "so what to eat and where to eat now?". E, prefers Vegetarian food, he considers himself a fake vegetarian 🙂 because he still eat egg and mushroom. I, on the other hand is practicing Pescan diet, so its not really... Continue Reading →

The Angkor Temples

The long wait is finally over! My yellow backpack has finally landed the beautiful Kingdom of Cambodia! Back in primary school the only thing I knew about Cambodia is Angkor Wat, nothing else. I didn't know their were a lot of temples in Cambodia, face palm. 🙂 And I clearly remember, my 11 year old self dreamt... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently V13

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL MAMA IN THE WORLD!!! To my Mama Elsa, happy mother's day! Thank you for bringing me to this wonderful world. Thank you for being our super model and super hero. Thank you for being the best mother to me and to my siblings. Thank you for being our number one fan... Continue Reading →

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