Goodbye, Descendants of the Sun


Last Friday was the finale of my favourite Korean Drama Series (to date), Descendants of the Sun. And I find it hard to move on, I mean, I have been hooked up to that show right after I started episode 1.

It might be too much for some, but honestly I have been replaying the last 2 episodes god knows for how many times since Friday night. I still laugh and cry to the same scene over and over again.

I know it would take some time for me to move on from this drama, especially from Song Joon Ki 🙂 (the smile and his eyes) And of course my all time favourite Korean-Actress-Girl-Crush Song Hye Kyo. #songsongcouple 🙂


Not to forget, Jin Goo, Kim Ji-won, Lee Seung-joon, Seo Jeong-yeon, Park Hwan-hee and Onew (my new crush), Team Alpha, of course special shout out to those shirtless soldiers! hahahaha…





To the staff, crew and actors of the show, a BIG THANK YOU to all of you, for giving us a great show. We, your fans will be forever grateful for giving us Descendants of The Sun. Till we met again, Salute!


All images used are from Google, except for the screenshots of the nurses/ doctors and the final walk.

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