My Love for Korean Food

Two months back, my officemate who is a vegetarian asked me when will I transition to a full time vegetarian? She knows I have been a Pescatarian for almost 8 months. However, most of the time, I ate vegetarian dishes. So I told her, I will go full time vegetarian if you could find me... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Descendants of the Sun

Last Friday was the finale of my favourite Korean Drama Series (to date), Descendants of the Sun. And I find it hard to move on, I mean, I have been hooked up to that show right after I started episode 1. It might be too much for some, but honestly I have been replaying the... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently V12

Hello April!!! To all my younger cousins, nieces and nephews who are celebrating their moving up day, congratulations guys! To all who graduated from college, congrats! Welcome to the outside world where the real battle begins. 🙂 Also, Happiest Birthday Magy! Have fun and blast on your day. Reading Finishing Attachment by Rainbow Rowell. Its... Continue Reading →

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