The Sunday Currentl v10

It's the time of the month again, when my craziest ideas, craziest cravings, and the bucket of tears comes to life. Tonight, I wanted to eat fries, onion rings, bread and noodles. I told the husband about it, but he said NO! No to everything!!! So, I started crying, whining and tossing myself in our... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently 09

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! This post was suppose to go out yesterday. But I totally forgot, sorry. Anyways, its still Sunday and valentines day in some parts of the world, so yeah it still counts as the sunday currently, right? 🙂 So yeah, what did you received yesterday? Did you guys went out for lunch/... Continue Reading →

Once in a Lifetime

This song will be forever included in my favorite songs of all time Been thinking bout you baby And I don't know what to do All I think about is you Seems everything around me Things I've never understood They all make sense when I'm with you. Oh, I've heard it all before Finding so... Continue Reading →

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