The Sunday Currently 08

I can't remember the last time E gave me a gift, don't get me wrong but E is the type of guy who doesn't give you gifts often. He'd rather bring you to a mall and let you choose whatever you want, of course he will give you a budget. 🙂 Last 25th of Jan... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently 07

Last year when I was back home, one of the places I got to visit was Abijao Elementary School, where I studied primary. I decided not to take a lot of photos while I was their, instead I enjoyed the view and tried to memorise the place, I'd rather store it in my memory bank... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently 06

Happy New Year!!! I tried squeezing my brain since last year (31st Dec), coz I wanted to come up with a heartbreaking love letter to say my goodbye to 2015 and to welcome 2016. But to my surprise my brain didn't work. 🙂 I guess, my thank you 2015 and welcome 2016 is enough. :)... Continue Reading →

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