The Sunday Currently 05

I’m back! After spending 2 weeks in PH, my butt is back in sunny Singapore.

2 weeks is a bit short though, but I’m not complaining, at least I get to spend some time with mother hen, my brother and his fam and with my other relatives. Also, I was able to spend some time in Cebu,  I was able to visit some of the places I used to visit back when I was a student.

In another note, 5 more days till Christmas!!! (insert happy dance)  Merry Christmas everyone!!!

On the Road to Mr Right by Belinda Jones. Planning to finish this before the year ends, so help me heavens. 🙂

My 5th entry to The Sunday Currently. 

Random songs from Spotify.

Why some people choose to disappoint you, when in the first place you haven’t done anything wrong against them.

Fried fish.

For a clean heart to welcome 2016.

A shirt a got from converse sale and my trusted PJ’s.

I’ll be seeing some of my close friends tomorrow.

To check Pescan recipes for Christmas eve dinner.

To go shopping.


Trackpad, while doing this write up.

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