The Sunday Currently 04

Pescatarian. Thats me. Yes. I am a Pescatarian, loud and proud. I have been a Pescan for the last 4 months, short I know, dont worry I'm planning to continue as long as I can. Most of my friends asked, what is Pescatarian? Pescatarian my friends is a person who doesn't eat meat but eats... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently 03

This will be the last weekend I have my office laptop with me. My journey with ABC company is going to end, after 3 years of working for them. It’s been a roller coaster ride with them for the last 3 years, we had our ups and downs. But most of the other company, we... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently 02

Yesterday I finally had my haircut, its super overdue, I was planning to have it done 2 months back but as always I'm too lazy to visit the nearest salon. Anyhow, I finally did it! And as a reward for finally doing it, I decided to treat myself 2 cupcakes, yes 2! I know I... Continue Reading →

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