So Many Questions

My Best friend told me, he has been listening to a particular song lately, he even ask me to ask him what is the title (you cheeky monkey!) So I gave in and ask him what is the title? He said its “So Many Questions” by Side A a Filipino Band. I asked, why this... Continue Reading →

Hello Long Weekend!

For this long weekend, I have pick up another Sandi Lynn's book, "Then You Happened". Crossing my fingers and toes that this book is as good the other one I had last week. 🙂

Currently Reading

First post for my "Currently Reading" list! Sandi Lynn's His Proposed Deal. I wont be doing any book review, coz i totally suck when it comes to those things. I just want a corner in my blog where i can place the book im currently readin. FYI, 90% of the books will be contemporary romance. 🙂

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