A Night to Remember

A few months back, I watched my very first concert. YES! very.first.concert. You might be asking now, where the this creature came from? that she just only watched her first concert at the age of 29???!

To defend myself: Maybe I was just waiting for the right artist to which I will gladly spend my precious hard earned money 😉 sounds convincing, right? 🙂 (excuses excuses!)

Finally, the right artist came! And its less than TAYLOR SWIFT! Yes, its Taylor!!! A big Swiftie here. I first heard that she was coming to Singapore early January 2014, and only in March they will start to sell the tickets. Oh!!! the agony of waiting for March to come was somewhat very difficult. But eventually I managed to survived.

And finally the long wait is over, I managed to get those precious tickets! Concert day came in, mind you I went out early from work so I wont be late for the concert.

Upon entering the venue you will see mostly teenagers wearing red outfit, with matching props in hand! oh teens this days. 🙂

When the concert finally started, the crowd was wild, and then Taylor came out from the stage, oh boy!!! I was literally teary eyed! Its a dream come true for me, to see Taylor in person.

I was dancing and singing to the top of my lungs together with the other fans. I even secretly prayed that she will “Tear Drops on My Guitar”. Unfortunately, she didn’t. But who am I to complain, right? When she even sang “Love Story”, which is not part of the new album. Taylor, was really a total performer.

Taylor, ROCKED the entire Singapore Indoor Stadium!

I can’t described what I really felt during that moment. All I know is that dreams really do come true. And that day, I promised myself to watch more of Taylor’s concert whenever she visits Singapore.

I love you Tay! Thank you for the music and for making us your fans extremely happy!

much love,


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